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Best High Priests of Hell Quotes by Adam Weishaupt

High Priests of Hell Quotes

“Ancient Gnostic sects held that the god of the Old Testament was the Devil, and the Bible his evil message to corrupt humanity.

Can anyone doubt that they were right? Read the Bible for yourself. Learn the horrific truth. The Abrahamic faiths are Satanic.”

High Priests of Hell

“God’s truth is not in a 'holy' book, is not delivered by prophets, has no connection with churches, synagogues and mosques, with commandments and religious prohibitions, with customs, rules, regulations, restrictions on diet and clothing etc.

God’s truth is within us and our task is to find the key that unlocks the direct knowledge of God. Everyone has the key, but many will never use it.”

High Priests of Hell

“Nothing will ever be more remarkable than that Satan has caused billions of human beings to worship him as God.”

High Priests of Hell

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