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Best The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati Quotes by Adam Weishaupt

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati Quotes

“If we want to see God, we may have to see the Devil first. Hell precedes Heaven. There are no easy paths, no straight roads to Paradise. We have to wander along crooked tracks in dark woods and fall into bottomless abysses. Yet, in the end, our struggle makes us fit for Paradise.”

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati

“In many ways, Dante's Divine Comedy was a dazzling depiction of the journey of the soul through Hell and Purgatory and its subsequent ascent through the heavens to Paradise is an allegory of the trials and tribulations of a soul as it undergoes many reincarnations in the world before achieving gnosis and escaping.”

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati

“Mathematics is the sole guarantor of rational truth. Even modern science bows to mathematics and it is precisely for that reason that religion and science can once again be brought back together. Mathematics is the glue that binds religion and science. It is the only religious language that science understands. All other religious statements are ridiculous nonsense. All
declarations of faith and revelation are preposterous and laughable. They are the essence of antimathematics, hence they are utterly false.”

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati

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“It is necessary to have 'watchers' at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere 'ideas'. These are measures.

Let people of our time talk about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their 'truths' and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins.”

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