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Best The Illuminati Phalanx Quotes by Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati Phalanx Quotes

“New World Order is not made with hugs and kisses, with heart-to-heart conversations or “unconditional love”. It is made with the sweat of hard toil upon the backs of genius, it is made with determination and devotion, it is shaped by skill and by art and a piercing intelligence that dims every star with its brilliance.”

The Illuminati Phalanx

“Our world will be far better off adopting communes as the fundamental unit of society. At a stroke, people will be far more cooperative and the deadly, cutthroat, soul destroying game theory competition between families will at long last come to an end. Sinister governments love the family because it is the ideal means for spreading the ideology of “divide and rule”. If families are all working against each other in a ferocious contest of selfinterest, they will pose no threat to the entrenched elite.”

The Illuminati Phalanx

“We demand the economic empowerment of the masses through an enormous redistribution of wealth from the privileged to the people. We demand a system of total social mobility i.e. we demand the complete abolition of the force obstructing social mobility: privilege. We demand that those people living on the margins, the fringes of society, be restored to the mainstream and have their dignity returned to them. Nobody people versus Somebody people. It’s time for the nobodies to win.”

The Illuminati Phalanx

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