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Time Is Money Quotes

“Defining what you want and even focusing on it daily is easy. The hard part is dealing with the resistance that results from this.”

Time Is Money

“Don't immediately reset your goals. Everything after is a bonus.”

Time Is Money

“If you can resolve your resistance you can have almost anything you want.”

Time Is Money

“If you have trouble doing the things you want to do, you have resistance to doing that thing or things.”

Time Is Money

“Resistance can show up in many forms: fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, confusion, feeling tired, etc...”

Time Is Money

“Start by becoming aware of what you're saying to yourself. This will take some conscious effort.

Our mind is in constant motion, and only someone who is experienced in meditation knows the amount of effort required to silence the mind.

Don't beat yourself up if your mind is habitually focused on negative self-talk. It actually makes things worse.”

Time Is Money

“Stop using the word "can't" and replace it with the word "don't".

Using more empowering self-talk can increase your willpower and ability to resist temptation

"I don't" is more empowering, whereas "I can't" is very limiting, as most limitations are mental.”

Time Is Money

“The amateur sits around waiting for inspiration and motivation to hit them before they take action.

Whereas the professional takes action everyday despite how they feel.”

Time Is Money

“You might not see how starting really small might be beneficial to you right now.

A year from now you'll be glad you started small, and you're making leaps-and-bounds of progress in comparison to those around you.”

Time Is Money

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