Al Pacino Quotes

Who is Al Pacino?

One of the most famous actors of the seventies and eighties is Al Pacino. He often plays gangsters and bad guys in The Godfather, Carlito's Way and The Devil's Advocate.

In Heat and in Serpico however, he's the good cop. Great actor, you should check out all of his movies.

Born April 25, 1940
Age 82 years old

Best 8 Quotes by Al Pacino

“Be careful how you judge people, most of all friends. You don't sum up a man's life in one moment.”

“Forget the career, do the work. If you feel what you are doing is on line and you're going someplace and you have a vision and you stay with it, eventually things will happen.”

“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”

“It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.”

“Love is overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.”

“My best advice to any young person is, if you want kids, be careful who you have them with. That's my mantra.”

“The camera can film my face but until it captures my soul, you don't have a movie,”

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“You'll never be alone if you’ve got a book.”

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“I am sick and tired of publicity. I want no more of it. It puts me in a bad light. I just want to be forgotten.”

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