Albert Guinon Quotes

Who was Albert Guinon?

Albert Guinon was a French playwright who lived in Paris.

Born April 15, 1861
Died March 7, 1923
Aged 61 years old

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“A good retailer is almost always a good psychologist.”

“A man can express himself in many languages, he can even think in several; but his real language is that in which he dreams.”

“A statesman governs much more with his character than with his opinions.”

“All opinions are respectable, provided they are sincere.”

“Any politician, whose peacetime votes have proven his inability to foresee and prepare for war, should not have the right to express an opinion as soon as war has broken out.”

“By giving rights to everyone, democracy is the regime that most surely kills kindness.”

“Civilization consists much more in creating new needs than in being able to satisfy them.”

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“During a war, pessimism is for the civilian what desertion is for the soldier.”

“Each new love is like a trip abroad.”

“For some men the touch of a woman is delicious, and her presence unbearable.”

“Money is never spent unnecessarily, since it always goes into someone's hands.”

“One of the characteristics proper to a young girl is to perform petty actions with passion.”

“People who cannot stand loneliness are precisely the least agreeable of companions.”

“Thanks to education, there are fewer illiterates and more imbeciles.”

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“The best chance we have yet found of not being beaten is to fight.”

“The miser experiences at the same time all the cares of the rich and all the torments of the poor.”

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“I'm actually a very private person. Sometimes I'm in denial that I'm really famous.”

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“The true leader is not the one who punishes, it is the one who inspires the fear of punishment.”

“The true secret of happiness is to demand much of oneself and very little of others.”

“There are people who, instead of listening to what is being said to them, are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.”

“When everyone is against you, it means that you are absolutely wrong. Or absolutely right.”

“When you give an order, you can always correct it with a smile.”

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