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“A sign of intelligence is the ability to attack an idea without attacking the person.”

“Appeal to logic not authority.”

“Best way to learn: teach someone.

And if you think of it that way, you don’t pretend that it’s for their benefit, it’s for yours.”

“Building a business is risky. Living paycheck to paycheck is risky.

Some risks come with upside. Others do not.

Risk wisely.”

“California is like a crazy beautiful ex-girlfriend. You look back and only remember the good.

But as soon as you see her again, you realize how she stole your money all the time, had terrible friends and tried to destroy your business by telling on you for everything.”

“Common investing mistake:

Confusing 'invest in what you like' with 'invest in what you know'.”

“Confidence without evidence is delusion.”

“Convenience will always win.”

“Deadly combo:

Be very good at something – sell a guarantee around being good.”

“Do more of what’s working.”

“Don't play to win, play to play. And when you do that, you cannot lose.”

“Easiest way to develop a skill:

Do it enough times it would be unreasonable for you to be bad.”

“Give give give give give… get.”

“Goodwill compounds faster than revenue.

So the longer you can wait for your ask, the disproportionately larger what you get will be.”

“Grow or die.”

“Having a long time horizon is one of the strongest competitive advantages in business.”

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“The economy is just smart people paying beautiful people to promote stuff to insecure people.”

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“I can give you the words to say right now but it’s not about the words. Words are 20% of it. 80% of it is how you say the words. It’s the tonality and the frame you can control on the sale.”

“I stopped looking at competitors when I realized they, like me, had no idea what they were doing.

Might as well bet on you.”

“If anyone ever asks you 'Can you do it for less?', just respond 'I could do it for more'.”

“If you bet on people to act in their own self interest, you will be right a lot.”

“If you get in bed with a snake, and the snake bites you. Whose fault is it?

1) The snake for being itself
2) Or you for not realizing the nature of a snake?”

“If you never lose customers, you grow by default.”

“If you want to become a millionaire fast, do this: Determine what you are willing to sacrifice on the altar of your goals. Then sacrifice them. This will give you all the room to double down on one thing.”

“In relationships, you’re not remembered by how you start, but by how you finish.”

“It’s easy to have kids; it’s hard to parent.”

“Keep the promises you make.”

“Manufacturing is just software for the physical world.”

“Marketing is just a fancy nine letter word for test.”

“May you never run out of humility and integrity.”

“Micromanaging is a demonstration of the belief that we are better than our team at their jobs.

Either you suck at hiring or you suck at trusting.”

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