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“In relationships, you’re not remembered by how you start, but by how you finish.”

“It’s easy to have kids; it’s hard to parent.”

“Keep the promises you make.”

“Manufacturing is just software for the physical world.”

“Marketing is just a fancy nine letter word for test.”

“May you never run out of humility and integrity.”

“Micromanaging is a demonstration of the belief that we are better than our team at their jobs.

Either you suck at hiring or you suck at trusting.”

“Multiple income streams is how you stay rich not how you get rich.”

“Multitasking is like balancing spinning plates. Sure, it sounds exciting but you'll never unlock the compounding effects of narrowly focused attention.”

“My two favorite dispensers of truth:

1) Ancient philosophers
2) Stand-up comedians”

“No one owns truth.”

“Our low points give us the opportunity to give witness to ourselves about who we really are.”

“People will hate you as you change.

And that’s okay.”

“Pursue fewer new things.”

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“Saturdays are just work days without meetings.”

“Someone can only beat you if you choose to play.”

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“Concentrate your time, your brains, and your advertising money on your successes. Back your winners, and abandon your losers.”

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“Sometimes people are in our lives for a season rather than forever.

(…and that’s okay).”

“Stop tolerating your own mediocrity or your excuses for inaction.”

“The easiest way to beat a stronger player is to change the rules of the game.”

“The easiest way to solve a problem is to decide it’s not a problem anymore.”

“The hardest standards to raise are our own.”

“The only judgement you'll live your whole life with is your own.”

“The process of unlearning is swapping the meaning we were given with the meaning we choose.”

“The value Equation:

Dream outcome + Perceived Likelihood of Achieving / Time delay + Effort and Sacrifice”

“Wanna know how long it takes to get over disappointment?

As long as you decide it takes.”

“We learn through experience, so collect some.”

“We lose freedom of speech when we care more about who is right than what is right.”

“When you are unsure of where to start: begin with the limiting factor.

The limiting factor is the part of the system that if removed the system would grow. Ex: If churn is big, marketing more won’t solve your problem.

Identifying the limiting factor then how to solve it is the basis of entrepreneurship.”

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“Winners win. The only thing that separates people who don’t win from those who do is the ones who try. So as long as you continue to try you can’t lose because that’s really what it comes down to.”

“You can both love a person and hate what they believe.”

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“The ability to persuade is the secret of the cosmos.”

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