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Best We're Coming for Ya Globalist Quotes by Alex Jones

We're Coming for Ya Globalist Quotes

“Stop feeling like you don't have power. Stop feeling pathetic and weak. Break out of your television-induced trance. It starts with a war growl. It starts with getting fired up, staring at yourself in the mirror, and showing some teeth, and saying: I'm a human being. I have dignity. I'm gonna resist. I'm gonna start recognizing the propaganda. I'm gonna break free from it. I'm not gonna fight with my family. I'm gonna organize with my family, and realize we're under attack by the social engineers. And I'm not gonna fight with my neighbors. We're gonna organize. Humanity's gonna come together.”

We're Coming for Ya Globalist

“We know we're under attack! We know it! We're breaking the conditioning! We're coming for ya globalist. Coming for ya! Coming for ya! We know what you're doing! I'm sorry, I just get fired up when I think about what they're doing to us and how I wanna resist them, and how easy they are to defeat. Excuse me. I think my testosterone's going up. This happens every time I start working out a lot again. And I swam two miles this morning pretty hard, and ate a big fat steak steak last night full of hormones, testosterone, on its own right. So I'm going a little bit wild today, excuse me.”

We're Coming for Ya Globalist

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“Whatever you’re going through right now has a lifespan. Pain has a lifespan. Challenges have a lifespan. Do your best to process the current challenge without over-reacting. Judge less & find ways to improve you! It all works itself out.”

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