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Best 30 Quotes by Ana de Armas

“After having a career in Spain for eight years, I went back to being anonymous again, having to prove myself to the industry and myself, to prove I was capable of acting in a different language. It was a good challenge, and I can't complain.”

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to fight for the part they want.”

“I am not a person who plans things in advance.”

“I can't stay in one place for too long.”

“I don't like feeling stuck, like I'm not going anywhere.”

“I don't mind playing someone's girlfriend or wife if I have something to say, if I bring something to the picture, if I can be strong and powerful and say smart things. If not, then it's just boring.”

“I don't want to be in the spotlight, ever! I don't know why I got in this profession!”

“I know it sounds like I'm playing all these wives and girlfriends, but they're not waiting at home. I wear the pants.”

“I moved to Madrid with 200 bucks in my pocket to see what was going to happen. Of course, I didn't know that 200 euros was nothing, because in Cuba, 200 was a lot, and the money I had been saving from my movies.”

“I normally speak by moving my hands, and I'm very expressive with my face – something Cuban, I guess.”

“I think women, we are very interesting. We have a lot to say, and sometimes it's frustrating how all the lead parts are for men.”

“I try not to look too far ahead. I'm more about living day to day and working hard. I think it's great to visualize a dream, but it's more important to make it come true with your efforts.”

“I want to show how strong and smart women are. We go through so much. We need to see that on screen. Those female parts are not many, but they are out there, and I have to find some. I want that chance.”

“I want to try as many different roles as I can. I want to do everything.”

“I would watch movies on the couch in my house. If I saw a scene played by a woman or a man – it doesn't matter – a scene I really liked, I would right away run to the mirror and repeat it.”

“I'm ambitious in a good way. I've never wanted to settle as long as I've thought there's more.”

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“When you know people are really at peace with who they are and what they do, they collaborate and want to help you to improve.”

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“I've always been very ambitious, and I always knew that I wanted something else. Cuba was a good start, but I knew I wasn't going to develop a real career, and I wanted to get closer to filmmakers that I wanted to work with.”

“I've tried to choose roles where women are not just reacting or waiting for something to happen.”

“It's hard to explain to my parents what's going on. You can't compare Hollywood with Cuba. I didn't even know I could dream this.”

“Moving to L.A. was hard. I had a career in Spain, and you have to forget your ego. I was a nobody again.”

“My childhood memories are amazing; I had freedom in every way – but I see everything from a different perspective now that I live outside.”

“My life and career have been a big improvisation.”

“The first 'Blade Runner' is a cool movie. It's a classic. Just to be part of the sequel was such an honor and a beautiful learning experience.”

“The thing is to convince people that a part not written for a Latina woman – or maybe not even written for a woman at all – is a female part. You convince them you can do it.”

“The truth is that I'm not very disciplined with diets. In general, I do whatever makes me happy in life, and food makes me quite happy!”

“When I moved to L.A. and had my first meeting with my agents, they asked me what I wanted for my career. And I didn't speak English at the time, but I did say, 'I wanna be Ryan Gosling as a woman.' So I got very excited to play opposite him.”

“When I was 13, I auditioned for the theater school, and I was there for four years. In the meantime, I did my first three movies, all in Cuba.”

“When I was twelve, I heard about the National Theater School, and I told my parents, 'That's what I want to do.' And that was it.”

“When you get to Hollywood, you have to start from zero, whatever you've done before.”

“You can always go back to the place where you were comfortable, the place where you're from.”

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