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Best 6 Nadja Quotes by André Breton

Nadja Quotes

“A game: say something. Close your eyes and say something. Anything, a number, a name. Like this (she closes her eyes): Two, two what? Two women. What do they look like? Wearing black. Where are they? In a park. And then, what are they doing?

Try it, it's so easy, why don't you want to play? You know, that's how I talk to myself when I'm alone, I tell myself all kinds of stories. And not only silly stories: actually, I live this way altogether.”


“Again begins the ridiculous, terrible waiting, in which we do not know which object to move, which gesture to repeat – what to do in order to make what we are waiting for happen.”


“Beauty is like a train that ceaselessly roars out of the Gare de Lyon and which I know will never leave, which has not left. It consists of jolts and shocks, many of which do not have much importance, but which we know are destined to produce one Shock, which does...

The human heart, beautiful as a seismograph... Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.”


“How I loathe the servitude people try to hold up to me as being so valuable. I pity the man who is condemned to it, who cannot generally escape it, but it is not the burden of his labor that disposes me in his favor, it is – it can only be – the vigor of his protest against it.”


“I am the soul in limbo.”


“With the end of my breath, which is the beginning of yours.”


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“Man can never expect to start from scratch; he must start from ready-made things, like even his own mother and father.”

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