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“A man can choose different ways to get rid of his fortune: the fastest is the casino, the most pleasurable is with beautiful women and the most stupid is at the stock exchange.”

“Always be fearful, never panic!”

“Anything is possible on the stock market. Even the opposite.”

“At the beginning of my career I was convinced that the stock exchange was the biggest invention of mankind. I still am.”

“Buy stocks, take sleeping pills for 20 years, and stop looking at the papers. After many years, you will see: you’ll be rich.”

“Don't trust those who have already found the truth; Trust only those who are still looking for it.”

“Germans are not cut out for the finance business. The nation of romanticist, philosophers and musicians becomes unromantic and lose their inclination to philosophy and fantasy when it comes to money.”

“I am an oversea trader. I trade what others oversee.”

“I can’t tell you how to get rich quickly, I can only tell you how to get poor quickly: by trying to get rich quickly.”

“I have always made the best decisions on the market listening to classical music.”

“If there are more fools in the market than paper, the stock market goes up. If there is more paper than fools, the bag goes down.”

“In a gold rush, don't invest in the gold diggers, but in shovels.”

“In the bag, you often have to close your eyes to see better.”

“In the stock market, feeling often tells us what to do – the mind tells us what to avoid.”

“Never pay any attention to the opinion of the stock market public. Have your own criteria and follow it. If you make a mistake, let it be because of yourself and not because of others.”

“Never run after a tram or a stock. Patience! The next one is sure to come.”

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“I knew now that I had to keep rigidly to the system I had carved out for myself.”

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“Nobody has perished in profit-taking.”

“One must not believe that others, when they massively buy shares, know more or are better informed. Its causes can be so different that it is practically impossible to draw consequences from it.”

“Raise the bag, the public comes; put the bag down, the audience leaves.”

“Sometimes it's better to spend one hour thinking about money than to spend a week working for it.”

“Speculating on the stock market has been. and always will be, a hard way to make an easy living.”

“Stock market profits are compensation for pain and suffering. First comes pain, then comes money.”

“The decisive role always corresponds to liquidity. Some central bank decisions and credit policy and some signs of big bank policy can give some clues. If there is no liquidity, the stock market does not rise.”

“The greatest speculation of all time would be to buy a politician at his intrinsic value and sell at his self-perceived value.”

“The main thing is to stay out of the general opinion. The only way to survive in the market is through independent thinking so that you are not aware of all the rumors. Follow only confirmed news.”

“The most useful words on the stock market are: perhaps, as expected, possibly, it could be, however, despite, certainly, I believe, I think, but, possibly, it seems to me... Everything that is believed and said is conditioned.”

“The relation between stock exchange and economy is like a man walking his dog. The man walks slowly, the dog runs back and forth.”

“The whole stock market depends only on whether there are more stocks than idiots or more idiots than stocks.”

“There are old pilots and there are bold pilots. But no old, bold pilots.”

“What everyone knows on the stock market does not interest me.”

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“If everybody had placed a stop order on stocks held and purchases made in 1929, there would have been no panic.”

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