Andrew Ferebee Quotes

Best Quotes by Andrew Ferebee

“All you can do is be you and you’re going to attract the right people in your life.”

“Become a more interesting person. Make your opinions known. Try things most people haven’t done. Go places where others haven’t been. Try new things, do things differently, read more books. Life is meant to be lived not watched through a 55 inch LCD screen.”

“Who you surround yourself with is who you become.”

“You’ve just got to take responsibility for your life and not put it in the hands of other people.”

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“Courage implies a risk. It implies a potential for failure or the presence of danger. Courage is measured against danger. The greater the danger, the greater the courage.

Running into a burning building beats telling off your boss. Telling off your boss is more courageous than writing a really mean anonymous note. Acts without meaningful consequences require little courage.”

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