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Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III is a famous British-American kickboxing world champion and businessman who considers himself a modern day Batman.

He is regarded as the epitome of toxic masculinity, the arch-enemy of feminists all over the world and a role model of aspiring alpha-males in the Red Pill community.

Tate is known for his extravagant lifestyle, dating life and expensive sports cars like his Bugatti's and Lamborghini's. A lot of his controversial and funny quotes talk about his high net worth, his playboy lifestyle and his views on money and women.

On social media platforms TikTok, Twitter and Instagram where he is known as Cobra Tate, Andrew has millions of followers. He is often interviewed on podcasts and YouTube. In 2016 Tate was a contestant on Big Brother '17 in the United Kingdom.

After his final ban from social media in 2022, Andrew Tate recorded an hour long final speech to explain what happened. For a while Andrew Tate was the most Googled person on the planet.

Andrew runs several businesses with his brother Tristan Tate in Romania where he lives. Their dad was the late chess grandmaster Emory Tate Jr. Tristan and Andrew have a younger sister Janine Tate.

In December 2022 he had a beef on Twitter with his pen pal Greta Thunberg and he and his brother were arrested for accusations of human trafficking.

Andrew Tate and his close friends Justin Waller, Stirling Cooper and his brother Tristan Tate have a fellowship called the War Room.

His best motivational quotes, funny one liners, controversial catchphrases, life lessons and transcripts of his interviews have been bundled in the book 'The Tate Bible'.

Born December 14, 1986
Age 36 years old

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“9's deserve a date, 6's only deserve tap water.”

“An animal isn't happy in the zoo. It survives and is comfortable, but misery haunts its soul.

This is why most of you are unhappy. Do you understand?”

“As a man, you get to build your character. Life is like a video game. I’ll never understand why most of you decided to play the game weak and dumb.”

“As soon as you are granted life, you are guaranteed death as well. What you do in between is up to you.”

“Be passionate about being successful.

The Chinese concrete billionaires aren’t passionate about concrete. They don’t mast*rbate over cement mix. They’re passionate about hard work and financial freedom.

If you’re passionate about those two things you’ll do anything.”

“Do not listen to the rich when they tell you money won’t make you happy. It’s a lie. If money didn’t make them happy, they’d give it all away.”

“Do the impossible and you'll never doubt yourself ever again.”

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“Don't listen to the advice of people who are living lives you don't want to live.”

“Freedom will only come when you no longer trade your time for money.”

“I am the closest possible thing to James Bond that exists outside of fantasy.”

“I grow wiser with every scar.”

“I make all of my decisions in anger but I do all of my planning calm.”

“I reserve the right to hold my own beliefs and practice them as I see fit, and I allow all other people the same right to believe and act as they wish.”

“If the people in your circle don’t inspire you. They’re not your circle. They’re your cage.”

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“If the punishment for a 'crime' is a fine. Then it's an activity which is legal for a price.”

“If you want the happy tomorrows, you need the truths that hurt today.”

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“Stop worrying about a girl just go and get another one.”

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“Men complain women only want them for their money or status. Yet men only want women because how they look.

Men are far more shallow than a female is. A woman will love an ugly man because of achievements and personality. A man will never do the same for an ugly ass chick.”

“No exceptional person ever lived like an average person.”

“Resist the slave mind.”

“Stress is the only condition under which your body and mind will ever perform miracles.”

“Suffer because you’re weak or suffer to become strong, but there’s no avoiding the suffering.”

“The game ends when your king falls, not when a pawn takes your queen.”

“The minute you choose a woman over your goals is the minute you lose them both.”

“The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next.”

“There is simply one way to become an exceptional man, a professional. You must go through hell and survive.”

“You need to start believing you are the f*cking man. Even if you're not the man yet.

Even before I was world champion, I knew I was gonna be the man.”

“You said tomorrow, yesterday.”

“You've been given another day of life. How will you use it?

Will you wait until tomorrow as you've done for years... or decide today is the day you commit to excellence?”

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“Your future is the result of your daily actions. You’re defined by what you do today. Lazy now, loser later. Get to work.”

“Your man isn't loyal. He just can't get other women.”

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“Never in our country’s history has a generation been so empowered, so wealthy, so privileged — and yet so empty.”

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