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“You project an image.

Do you look lazy? Do you look like a target? Would somebody choose you to be their next victim?

Every step, every glance, project dominance. Rehearse and prosper.”

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“You really choose to live like everyone else? You're that afraid to work hard? You'll let your arrogance destroy your life?”

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“You should never cook unless you’re already a (boring) millionaire. A rotisserie chicken is 5 bucks, yam it and get back to work.

You’re cooking meals? Cleaning up? Shopping and preparing ingredients? Every day? What’s the ROI on that time?

Waste! Do you love being poor?”

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“Young Kings. You’re not ready for money. Running into wealth would be the worst thing that could happen to you.

You’ve not struggled enough, you’ve never overcome impossible odds. Money won’t change who you are. You’re a soft loser and rich soft losers stay miserable forever.”

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“Your brain is damaged to the point you can't even focus on something anymore.

Put your phone down, count to 10 and imagine the numbers without thinking of anything else.

Don't think about your surroundings. Just count to 10.



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“Your friends should be blindly loyal while the pan is hot. They should be completely on your side until the danger is gone, till problems are fixed – then you can discuss if you were wrong or right.

Remember, anything less than 100% support is sabotage.

There is a time for talk and a time for brutal action. You should only be rolling with men that understand this.

When it’s action time, everyone fights. Everyone. Instantly.”

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“Your friends should have utility. They should be able to do things for you.

Imagine I was your best friend. Imagine all the ways I could help you with my network and finances.

You need friends who hasten the ascent to greatness.

I have friends who have made me millions simply by giving me the right tip at the right time. If I need a diamond watch or a supercar I don’t call dealers... I call my friends.

Do you truly understand what I’m saying to you? Do you now see how useless your 'friends' are?”

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“Your life gets better only when you get better.”

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“Your life is in a shit position but still you don't do anything about it. If it was truly uncomfortable you'd change something. But the fact you refuse to change something shows you're comfortable where you are.”

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“Your life only becomes better, when you create your own upward spiral. Until then you will be dragged down by others.”

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