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“Life isn't a straight line, right? I didn't get to the top in a straight line. Every single day I say: 'I wanna see how good life can get' and God keeps providing, he keeps making me richer.”

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“Nothing is stopping me from becoming Batman. Nothing.

- I have a Batcave
- I have an Alfred
- I have a Batmobile: a Bugatti
- I can fight
- I'm rich as f*ck, I could buy it all
- I'm charismatic.

There is nothing stopping me putting on a suit and being Batman.”

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“There's so many people out there who, if a movie was made about their life, they wouldn't even be the main character.

They're so busy supporting a football team, watching Love Island, caring about going to festivals, about some singer.

They're not even important amongst themselves.”

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“You need to wake up every day, you need to talk to the universe as if it was Alexa or Siri. You need to say: I want to see how good life can get.

I thought that my life was already perfect and still it keeps getting better.”

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