Aziz Shavershian Quotes

Best 30 Quotes by Aziz Shavershian

“A wise man one said: Haters gonna hate!”

“Act and behave in a way that will make life interesting and fun. F*ck a mundane predictable life working Monday to Friday with something you derive no pleasure from; just living life out till you grow old and wither away.”

“At the end of the day, I have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health.”

“Don’t ever pay people out or put people down. Instead just put yourself up and let the haters do their thing.”

“Even though I put on a lot of size and to some look intimidating, I’m one of the friendliest people you can meet.”

“Everybody, one day, will die and be forgotten.”

“Everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them.”

“Find a passion, form relationships, don’t be afraid to get out there and f*ck what everyone else thinks, trust me, it's a lot more fun that way.”

“Go hard, mate. The gym lifestyle is the best! Train hard, eat well, party hard.”

“I always feel I have to train and diet my hardest now because I have a look and image to live up to. People talk and already have high expectations from what they hear about me, so I would never let myself look sloppy. If anything, all this has made me want to train harder, and diet more intensely. F*ck 'good enough', perfection is my goal.”

“I don’t work out for chicks; I workout to create an aura.”

“I know it sounds like I’m bragging, but think of it as driving a Ferrari in real life. Why do people drive Ferraris? To get attention, looks, exert dominance and superiority from the norm, and to get people talking… but it also inspires jealousy and haters on the person driving.”

“I love playing up my perceived stereotype, and at the end of the day, never take myself seriously, which is one of the reasons I have accrued the fan base that I have.”

“I love the fact that when I go somewhere with thousands of people, almost all of them will remember who I am when it is over, and I didn’t even have to say a word.”

“I want to move my life in other directions and have found myself far too involved in a lifestyle with no genuine substance, meeting far too many fake people/girls who if I didn't look the way I did, would have never given me the time of day. Time to get back to studying. There's more to life than partying.”

“I want to move my life in other directions and have found myself far too involved in a lifestyle with no genuine substance, meeting far too many fake people/girls who, if I didn’t look the way I did, would have never given me the time of day.”

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“Dinosaurs never existed, nobody went to the moon, the Fed Reserve is a ponzi scheme, protein is way overrated, your so-called leaders want you stone-dead, and viruses are do-nothing excretions of a toxic cell.

As Yoda said: Unlearn what you've learned. It's all been a blatant lie.”

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“I'd rather do what I do and have fun than sit back hating on someone achieving something.”

“I’d rather be a person that’s hated on than a person that does the hating.”

“If there were more people like me, the world would be a happier place.”

“If you don’t enjoy it and want to do it just for the end result, might as well give up, because you won’t be consistent.”

“If you want it, you will get it, and will eventually prove the haters wrong.”

“If you're a f*cking shredded sick c*nt you can get away with anything bro. If you're some fat c*nt making this sh*t up, people won't give a f*ck man.”

“My message is to train hard, don't be a sad c*nt, enjoy life and don't take yourself too seriously. If there were more people like me, the world would be a happier place.”

“Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

“Personally, I’m a very friendly and happy person, and believe that people need to lighten up and enjoy life more. ”

“Stop giving a f*ck what girls think and say whatever the f*ck you want to say and do whatever you want to do.”

“The people that laugh at the overweight/obese people in the gym are a disgrace. I applaud them for having the courage and determination to train and want to make a change for themselves despite the obvious hardships they would face.”

“There are normal people. There are try hards. There are hard c*nts. Then there are sick c*nts. Sick c*nts are the best, friendly, sexy, aesthetic, party hard and live it up without being staunch and get along with everyone.”

“When I have my shirt off, I get called a show-off. When a random skinny kid has his shirt off, or some tubby bloke, nobody says anything or cares. Funny.”

“When I walk into a room, introduce myself to someone, go for a job interview, I love looking dominant, in charge, and in control. I love walking past and having people point and talk about me.”

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“It takes about 10 calories a day just to keep one pound of muscle alive, for both men and women, even if you are completely inactive. An extra five pounds of muscle can burn up to 1500 calories in a month – that’s the equivalent of 5 pounds of fat per year, which more than reverses the negative affects of aging on your metabolism.

But with consistent aerobic exercise, over time, you’re far more likely to burn five pounds of muscle. That means your body will burn about 50 less calories a day. And as your body becomes more efficient at running, that 195 calories you burn on the treadmill will decrease to about 125.

So let’s do the math: You burn 125 calories above your resting metabolic rate each day you do aerobic exercise. Then subtract the 50 calories you do not burn due to muscle loss caused by this exercise. After all your huffing and puffing you are only burning 75 calories more than if you were sitting in front of the tube, doing nothing at all.

That’s undone by drinking half a Coke or 'rehydrating' with 12 ounces of Gatorade. This is the reason why millions of people, at gyms across the world, are unable to look and perform as they’d like after countless hours of 'cardio'.”

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