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Who is Bart Croughs?

Bartolomeus Thomas Croughs is a Dutch philosopher.

Born January 1, 1966
Age 57 years old

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“Enlightened minds still daily bemoan the shameful injustice of the Western slave trade, while the slave trade by Arabs is rarely mentioned; and this while in the West the slave trade has already been abolished in the 19th century, while several Arab states did not begin to abolish the slave trade until the sixties and seventies of the 20th century.”

“Intellectuals, who are overly sympathetic to the unpleasant habits of other cultures, claim that we cannot impose our values on immigrants simply because values are relative and it is extremely imperialistic and paternalistic, if not racist, to think that our values are better than those of other cultures - these same intellectuals often show a high degree of steadfastness of values with regard to the past.

The colonisation of Africa was particularly scandalous, the American slave owners were huge b*stards, Columbus was a major b*stard, and so on. These b*stards, too, lived in a culture that, this time because of the distance in time, deviated significantly from ours, but strangely enough, that is no ground for clemency.”

The First Law of Croughs Quotes

“In a conflict between western and non-western, the progressive intellectual opts for non-western.”

The First Law of Croughs

The Second Law of Croughs Quotes

“In a conflict between a minority and a majority, the progressive intellectual chooses the minority.”

The Second Law of Croughs

The Third Law of Croughs Quotes

“In a conflict between the law of the abject West and the law of the oppressed minorities, the progressive intellectual is guided by the law of the oppressed minorities.”

The Third Law of Croughs

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