Basant Maheshwari Quotes

Best 11 Quotes by Basant Maheshwari

“Being financially free requires a lot of risk-taking. It's like a T-20 game. You can’t reach your target playing forward defence.”

“Concentration is for creating capital. Diversification is for protecting capital.”

“Don’t feel shame in selling a stock where fundamentals have deteriorated and don’t feel shame in doubling your position when the fundamentals have improved.”

“Don’t try to be the rabbit; a tortoise is good enough in this market.”

“It’s very hard to lose money buying sector leaders.”

“Read as much as possible and build up your own investing philosophy, you can’t create wealth on borrowed conviction.”

“Stereotyped investors don’t know that the big money isn’t made by buying debt free companies. It’s made by buying debt laden companies going ‘debt free’.”

“Stock investment has got power to knock-off many years of your work life, you will save many years without working hard and enjoy life with your family.”

“Wealth has to be made once, but making money is a daily work.”

“You can’t buy yesterday’s stock at today’s price or today’s stock at yesterday’s price.”

The Thoughtful Investor Quotes

“A 15 bagger with a 3% allocation makes a career but a 15 bagger on a 30% allocation can make a life!”

The Thoughtful Investor

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“The decisive role always corresponds to liquidity. Some central bank decisions and credit policy and some signs of big bank policy can give some clues. If there is no liquidity, the stock market does not rise.”

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