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Best 11 Quotes by Beck

“Art is the child of Nature; yes, her darling child, in whom we trace the features of the mother's face, her aspect and her attitude.”

“As music becomes more computer-based, it's lost some emotional impact.”

“I try not to do email; I try to talk to people on the phone.”

“I'm just taking one step at a time. I could zigzag one way, but it's not usually on purpose.”

“If someone is making a judgment when they don't have firsthand experience, it's intolerant. How can you make a judgment on something you don't know about?”

“Sometimes things in life take a few years to digest, and they find their way into the work later on. Sometimes I'm writing about things from eight years ago-they just took a long time to distill and come out in the appropriate way.”

“The limitations are limitless.”

“There's more well-known artists who aren't making as good songs as people who are just coming out of nowhere. That seems to be more typical in the last few years than ever.”

“Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars.”

“You can't please everybody, man.”

“You can't write if you can't relate.”

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