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“A lot of men in today's day and age are feeling zeroed out of the dating marketplace. There are more men who are not having sex, there are more men who are single.

Something like 60% of women between the ages of 18 to 29 view themselves as in a relationship while 30% of men in that same age demographic are in a relationship.”


“I'm not gonna lie and say if a girl slides in my DMs that's a turn off, absolutely not.

I can lead it from there, but if a girl shows a little bit of initiative.”


“If World War III is around the corner, there's no feminists when Russia invades, there's no feminists when China invades.

All these things that you often complain about, when sh*t hits the fan, we revert to our traditional gender roles.

You can't have feminism when there's a military conflict.”


“Let's say an 18 year old man who doesn't want to go to War, take Ukraine for example.

All the women can leave the country, all the men have to stay. You cannot leave Ukraine if you're a man between the ages of 18 and 60 or 65.

If you're a Ukrainian woman you get to go to Stockholm, you get to go to Great-Britain, you get to continue your hot girl summer.

You know what the Ukrainian men were doing? Getting f*cking massacred!

Let's talk about privilege, they have to defend their country.”


“Men are more oppressed than women. Not only today but historically too.”


“Men have an out-group bias for women whereas women have an in-group bias for other women in other words the sisterhood.

There's a sisterhood amongst women, there's not a brotherhood amongst men. At least to the same degree that there's a sisterhood amongst women.”


“Most men on dating apps are not trying to hit and quit. Most men are actually trying to find somebody.

The men that the women inevitably end up choosing, that they end up sleeping with, yeah they get hit and quit, sure, because women are going after the top 10% of men on these apps.

They released the data on this. Most women are swiping 'No' on 90% of dudes. They're all going for the top 10% of men on dating apps, the most attractive men.”


“The issue that I have with the whole 10 thing is, in the dating marketplace if you have this assessment of yourself as like super physically attractive then that's gonna have an impact on who you're potentially gonna partner with.”


“The most charitable definition that I can give feminism is it's not an equality movement, it's a woman's advocacy movement.

There's nothing wrong with woman's advocacy but to try to paint feminism as seeking true equality...

You see feminists don't fight for equality if said equality does not come at the benefit of women.

It there's no benefit to be reaped by a form of equality, feminists will not fight for it. Therefore it is not a true equality movement.”


“Threesomes? I'd rather only disappoint one woman at a time.”


“You said that – basically the patriarchy theory – men built this country for other men. Now I agree with you on the first part. Men did build this country.

However men didn't build it for the benefit of other men, they built it for their families, their wives, their sons, their daughters, ...

So I agree with you, that yes, this country and all countries in fact have been built on the backs of men, but it's not for the benefit of other men.”


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“There is no such thing as a 'perfect' diet. Diets based upon alarmism or food demonization are bad science.

The 'best' diet is the one that covers your protein, fat, and carb needs, and supplies you with sufficient micronutrients.

Different kinds of diets work for different people and different situations. Some are proven to work better and more reliably than others.”

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