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“A person who makes few mistakes makes little progress.”

“Do not let your grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments.”

“Don't carve a roadmap of pain into the sweet wrinkles on your face.”

“Don't lay in the quiet with your heart pounding like a trapped, frightened creature.”

“Don't turn your hair gray.”

“Even a broken heart can kill you.”

“For your own precious and beautiful life, and for those around you — seek help or get out before it is too late. This is your wake-up call!”

“Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred.”

“No one is more insufferable than he who lacks basic courtesy.”

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. ”

“Stress shortens your lifespan.”

“Suffering is one of life's great teachers.”

“There is an undeniable mind-body connection.”

“Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you.”

“You were not meant to live in a fever of anxiety; screaming yourself hoarse in a frenzy of dreadful, panicked fight-or-flight that leaves you exhausted and numb with grief.”

“You were not meant to live like animals tearing one another to shreds.”

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“Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results.”

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“You will be a beautiful person, as long as you see the beauty in others.”

“Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the morgue.”

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“Being alone is much better than being around negative people out of loneliness or desperation.”

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“Change comes from confrontation. You have to be confronted or confront yourself.”

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“Choose thoughts that give you the emotions of being alive and excited about life.”

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“Don't run from your pain — run into your pain.”

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“If you are rude, cynical, habitually-sarcastic or pessimistic, your life options are going to be very limited.”

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“If you can sit with your pain, listen to your pain and respect your pain — in time you will move through your pain.”

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“Let go of everything. That is how you get everything.”

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“One of the fastest ways you can profoundly change your life is to rid yourself of toxic people.”

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“Some people have abusive, negative, controlling tendencies in their blood; they are wired for havoc, bickering and deception.”

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“Stop holding on to the wrong people. Let them go on their own way; if not for you, then for them.”

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“Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.”

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“The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts.”

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“The grass on your front lawn is a perfect example. Grass contains several vitamins and minerals, but they are largely inaccessible to humans because of grass’s cellulose content.

Cellulose is a fiber that forms the walls of cells in most green plants. Ruminants, such as cows and sheep, have a specialized compartment in the stomach called a rumen; it produces an enzyme that breaks down cellulose, allowing the nutrients in the grass to be absorbed.

Ruminants also have other chambers in their stomachs to help them assimilate the nutrients from grass. Humans don’t have rumens, multiple stomach chambers, or the enzymes to break down cellulose, so we can’t extract any nutrients from grass if we eat it.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: rather than eating the grass, humans can let animals do the hard work of assimilating the nutrients from grass, and then we can eat the animals.”

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