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Best 30 Quotes by Charlie Rose

“America was, in the eyes of so many people, and it's what people respect America for, it is people have been able to come here, find a place, contribute to the economy. That's what immigration has been in America.”

“At the end, regret only what you didn't do.”

“I am not willing to let the market-place determine the future of the animal kingdom.”

“I could spend several hours on YouTube every night. It's all there. I just don't have enough time.”

“I don't talk about my politics. I am registered as an independent.”

“I knew that if I could put a table in a room with not much light and a couple of chairs, I could have a real conversation. And I know that people... like to eavesdrop on a conversation.”

“I think the long interview has an important life.”

“I want to challenge people to find out who they are.”

“I was an only child of a father who loved me deeply, but we didn't play catch, even though I was an athlete. We didn't go fishing or hunting or any of the things I wanted to do. Why not? He just didn't do that.”

“I would love to have a long and serious conversation with the Pope. And Woody Allen, whom I have never interviewed. Then, after those two? Steve Jobs.”

“I would've been intrigued by being a film director. I would've been intrigued by politics. I thought about architecture.”

“I'm an only child, so I don't even have nieces or nephews.”

“I'm flattered by the fact that most people tell me they don't know what my politics are.”

“I'm not an advocacy journalist – that's not what I do. My role in journalism is to be able to engage the most interesting people with the best ideas.”

“If I was madly in love with someone who offered the opportunity to spend our lives together, I would love to have a child or adopt a child.”

“It would be wonderful to become what Oprah has become: she is in such a class of her own, as an entrepreneur, as a performer and an icon. The idea of building a series of programmes and choosing people that I think have talent to do them would be a very interesting idea. I would love to show that television can have soul, depth and range.”

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“In summation, if someone feels the psychological need to hold court, that's his business. Your job is to mind your business.

Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by someone else's knowledge — or apparent knowledge. What another person knows or doesn't know will not affect your success one way or another, so from your standpoint it's an irrelevancy.”

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“Knowing a lot is a springboard to creativity.”

“Most people have a concentration in particular areas; it might be politics, it might be science, it might be business, it might be sports. I care about all of those, and that's why I've chosen the formats I chose.”

“People like to be challenged. Most people that I know who are any good at life like to be challenged.”

“Richard Serra, the great sculptor, personifies an artist for me.”

“Sometimes you lose some tournaments you should win and you win some you should lose.”

“The great regret of my life is that I didn't have children.”

“The highest admiration I have for my colleagues is not for someone in a studio in New York but for somebody on the ground in places that they've gone to fight to tell the story.”

“The more patient we are, the closer the Iranians get to a nuclear weapon.”

“The person I've always wanted to interview but never met was Richard Burton.”

“The question is just as important as the answer.”

“The younger generation watches what's interesting, not whether it's presented by someone who is as old as I am or someone who is as old as a 21-year-old. It's the material. If I did a series of conversations on things most interesting to Millennials, they would respond to it, and I do.”

“There's a great appetite for smart television. Every day I get up and there are interesting stories I want to do.”

“When you limit a woman's potential, you limit your own.”

The Giving Pledge Quotes

“There's some people who say big philanthropy is not such a good idea, meaning that somehow you have enormous power and you're not elected and that that may not be such a good idea to have people with enormous wealth to have so much influence.”

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“When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they'll remember and be kind to someone else. And it'll become like a wildfire.”

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