Christopher Morley Quotes

Who was Christopher Morley?

Christopher Morley was an American journalist, novelist, essayist and poet.

Born May 5, 1890
Died March 28, 1957
Aged 66 years old

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Best 8 Quotes by Christopher Morley

“Big shots are just little shots that keep shooting.”

“Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.”

“High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.”

“Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it.”

“Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity.”

“There are three ingredients to the good life; learning, earning, and yearning.”

“There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

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“We’ve had bad luck with our kids – they’ve all grown up.”

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