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Quotes by Claire Weekes on The Cite Site Dr Hazel Claire Weekes MBE was an Australian general practitioner and health writer.

She is known for coining the term 'nervous breakdown' and treated many patients with agoraphobia, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder with her self-help methods.

Dr. Weekes is considered by some as the pioneer of modern anxiety treatment via Cognitive Therapy. Her mantra for overcoming anxiety was "face, accept, float, let time pass."

Her lifelong partner was the pianist Elizabeth Coleman.

Claire Weekes' books in order are "Self Help For Your Nerves" (1962), "Peace from Nervous Suffering" (1972), "Simple Effective Treatment of Agoraphobia" (1976), "More Help for Your Nerves" (1984) and "The Latest Help for Your Nerves" (1989).

Born April 11, 1903
Died June 2, 1990
Aged 87 years old

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“A setback is part of recovery.”

“Accept that you may frighten yourself for some time to come-until habit dies and sensitization improves.”

“Be patient - we have to grow into recovery.”

“Be prepared to let it do its very worst.”

“Be prepared to think and feel anything. Let come what will.”

“Coping, although frightened, is true courage.”

“Do not be bluffed by new strange nervous feelings.”

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“Face, accept, float, let time pass.”

“Float through it, don't fight it.”

“Floating resembles accepting but implies moving forward with the sensations and feelings without offering tense resistance”

“Go with the tide, tread water, until the worst is over.”

“However long you have suffered, if you wish to recover then you can!”

“If you sometimes seek refuge outside, ask yourself why you can gradually relax when outside yet cannot do so while inside. You will say, "As soon as I am outside I feel different."
The truth is, as soon as you are outside you think differently so of course you feel better. You can find peace in the middle of Times Square because you take your cure with you wherever you go.”

“In the final count, it takes less effort, even less courage, to go forward with true acceptance than to go forward fighting grimly.”

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“Inward thinking can be cured!”

“It is important to be able to tolerate being alone - otherwise you will spend your life running away from yourself.”

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“To imagine that we are solely, or even primarily, responsible for the successes and failures of our children is a narcissistic myth.”

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“Let true acceptance be written on your heart.”

“Pay them no mind!”

“Recovery always lies ahead - however painful the moment.”

“Recovery lies in the places and experiences you fear the most.”

“Some people are discouraged by the word ‘accept’. I then suggest that they move forward prepared to 'react freely,' that is to give free rein to all feelings and let them all come without trying to brake any of them.”

“Strength is not born from strength. Strength can be born only from weakness. So be glad of your weaknesses now, they are the beginnings of your strength.”

“The agoraphobe must go out prepared to panic but he must know how to go through the panic when it comes. There is a special technique for doing this: he must be prepared to accept the panic as willingly as he can manage, at the same time breathing in deeply, then breathing our slowly and letting the panic flash without withdrawing from it. It is useless to go through 99% of the panic and then withdraw from the last 1%. Recovery lies in going through that last 1%. It is withdrawal that is the jailer. Acceptance relieves enough tension to take the biting edge off the peak of the first fear and to blunt the impact of the second fear. This is the beginning of recovery. A word can make a great difference to a patient. One woman said: “I hate panic so much, I’ll never be able to accept it and go toward it willingly!” I asked: “Could you go toward it resignedly?” She thought she could.”

“The average person, tense with battling, has an innate aversion to letting go. He vaguely thinks that were he to do this, he would lose control over the last vestige of his will power and his house of cards would tumble.”

“The body will react just as naturally by healing itself when stress is removed.”

“The next time you have fearful thoughts about panic, I want you to try, at that very moment, to have a full-blown panic attack. Tell yourself to increase your heart rate, to become dizzy. Try to produce all your negative physical symptoms.”

“They are only thoughts - however horrible.”

“Thoughts that are keeping you ill can be changed - your approach to your illness can be changed.”

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“To recover, he must know how to face, accept, and go through panic until it no longer matters. This is the only way to permanent cure.”

“True acceptance means 'facing and relaxing' - it is submission.”

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“While we are all eager to reach a state where our theories will be borne out not only by clinical experience but verified also by experiment, we have to acknowledge the fact that the reason that our theories are no better than they are is not simply because we are not clever enough to develop rigorous operational concepts, but because our subject matter is complex and we are yet at the beginning of its exploration.”

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