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Who is Codie Sanchez?

Codie Sanchez is an American serial entrepreneur and influencer in the business field.

She focuses on buying easy to manage companies with recurring income. Sanchez garnered a large following on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.

Born August 24, 1986
Age 36 years old

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LinkedIn post Quotes

“35 lessons from selling three businesses before I turned 35:

1. Your first business will likely fail.

2. All your money gets made after that.

3. Most people give up too fast.

4. You'll outgrow almost everyone.

5. If you get distracted, you'll get beaten.

6. It will not happen between the hours of 9 and 5.

7. Late nights, early mornings, repeat.

8. Emotions can be cancer.

9. If you think you should fire them, do it.

10. Not in writing? Didn't happen.

11. Never be embarrassed for not knowing.

12. Bigger the problem, bigger the $$.

13. No one ever charges enough to start.

14. Your favorite words have 3 letters: CPA, COG, CAC, P&L

15. Be selfish with your f*cks.

16. Protect your energy, it's real.

17. Someone will steal from you.

18. Sales beats everything.

19. If they're not better than you at something, they're not for you.

20. You want it, cross it off the to-do list.

21. Everyone lies and they believe themselves.

22. Be your own motivational speech.

23. It's gonna suck... often.

24. Yet you'll wish you could do it again.

25. You won't win if you're not obsessed.

26. Balance is seasonal.

27. Ignore talk, believe skin in the game.

28. Leave money for a rainy day.

29. You can't eat net worth, cash is king.

30. Don't swerve in too many lanes, you get hit.

31. Work like a lion, not a cow.

32. Who... not how. Always.

33. You're one person away from your win.

34. Dream so big you outdream others.

35. You'll only regret not starting earlier. ”

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Twitter post Quotes

“An odd contradiction:

The strongest men are often the kindest.
The weakest men are often the loudest.”

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“Anyone who says owning real estate is passive income has never owned real estate.”

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“Be easy to find; hard to reach.”

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“Behind every successful entrepreneur is a bad former manager.”

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“Build in public but live in private.”

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“By yourself, you will never scale.”

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“Even when you love your work... It still requires work.

Success is not guaranteed.”

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“Every time you say 'one day' replace it with 'today'. Your life will 180.”

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“Everybody wants the hack, be the person who just does the work.”

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“Find those who do instead of talk.

Ultra rare characteristic.”

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“Goal: content so good it grows your bank account without your consent.”

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“Hard truth: No one cares about you.

Everyone cares about what you can do for them.”

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“How do you run businesses without losing your mind?

Hire well. Pay well. Get out of their way.”

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“How will teenagers write sentences by themselves in a world where they grew up with ChatGPT?”

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“I don’t believe your pay is limited by a recession.

It’s limited by:
- The value you deliver.
- How replaceable you are.
- Your negotiating skills.”

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“Alcohol is the only poison people look at you weird if you don’t do.”

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“I never set out to be a 'disruptor'. But man it's boring doing what everyone else does... and it doesn't pay well.”

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“I'm more convinced than ever that hard work, and getting a little dirty, can lead to massive wealth.”

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“I’m no Mother Theresa. I like the game of money. I love seeing my name up on the scoreboard.

But even I know you don’t achieve financial success unless you have a really big WHY. A vision of a different life to fire your engine. A deeper meaning to pull you through when it gets hard.”

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“I’ve gotten to a point where drunk people remind me of children.”

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“If no one thinks you’re crazy, you’re too late.”

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“If you care about your title, you shouldn’t be at a startup.”

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“If you don't understand debt, you'll never be truly wealthy.”

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“If you don't understand taxes, you'll never be truly wealthy. Owning a small business is the best tax deal in America.”

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“If you know that you were built for more than this... Do yourself one favor, go take the chance.”

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“If you say 'That’s not part of my job description', you shouldn’t be at a startup.”

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“If you want to get rich read everything by:
- Howard Marks
- Bill Gurley
- Paul Graham
- Sam Zell

But also read from greats who lost it all:
- Bill Gross
- John Merriweather”

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“In your 20s, meet everyone. In your 30s, narrow the field.”

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“Investors who can't wait, lose all their money to people who can.”

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“It's crazy to me that traditional work today:

- puts people in carpeted cubicles
- away from the sun
- makes them sit for 8-9 hours
- tells them they get a 3-5% raise per year

And when they resign by the millions people question why.”

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“If I’m going to design buildings, it won’t be as an architect. It will be as the person who owns the property and has the money to hire the best architects.”

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