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“Be you... the ultimate moat.”

“Build in public but live in private.”

“If you don't understand debt, you'll never be truly wealthy.”

“Never take advice from someone who hasn't achieved the thing they're advising about.

Incredibly underrated hack.”

“No one should ever be surprised when you fire them.”

“Remember: You never get what you never ask for.”

“The best business school is… being in business.”

“To make money you have to be both contrarian and... right.”

“You’re never too good for a mentor.”

“Your fear of losing money is stopping you from making it.”

7 Negotiation Secrets Quotes

“Apply Loss Aversion

People fear loss more than they desire gain.

Frame your negotiation around what they will lose rather than what they will gain.

- We will save $X
- The timing will never be this perfect

The game changes when the risk of loss enters the room.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

“Assume a Positive Outcome

How you enter a negotiation creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you walk in fearless, you become more:
- Logical
- Confident
- Thoughtful

The result? A more persuasive argument and a higher positive response rate.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

“Build Indebtedness.

Ever heard of the Reciprocity Bias? In a nutshell: humans return favors.

How can you leverage this?

- Give them a gift
- Do them a favor
- Make a concession

They'll likely return the favor.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

“Leverage Recency Bias

Our minds tend to weigh recent information more heavily.

Use this natural bias to your advantage in negotiations.

- Use recent successes
- Bring up relevant recent events

You're only as good as your last project.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

“Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Everyone has motives. Appeal to them.

Link whatever it is you want with what they will get in return. (Hint: it's often revenue linked)

- My role will drive $X
- This software will save us $Y

It's about them, not you.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

“Simplify the Process

Deep down, humans are not complicated. The only 3 relevant questions to ask:

- What do they want?
- Why do they want it?
- How can I help them get it (while still winning myself)?

Unnecessary complexity breeds inefficient negotiation.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

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“Finding the right business partner is as important as finding the right spouse. Make sure you find someone with the same values and vision!”

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“Use Data

Let the numbers do the talking. Words are cool but numbers convince.

Get a list of all your:

- Core metrics
- Relevant KPIs (that your boss cares about)
- Concrete list of things you've accomplished

Data sells. Leverage it.”

7 Negotiation Secrets

LinkedIn post Quotes

“35 lessons from selling three businesses before I turned 35:

1. Your first business will likely fail.

2. All your money gets made after that.

3. Most people give up too fast.

4. You'll outgrow almost everyone.

5. If you get distracted, you'll get beaten.

6. It will not happen between the hours of 9 and 5.

7. Late nights, early mornings, repeat.

8. Emotions can be cancer.

9. If you think you should fire them, do it.

10. Not in writing? Didn't happen.

11. Never be embarrassed for not knowing.

12. Bigger the problem, bigger the $$.

13. No one ever charges enough to start.

14. Your favorite words have 3 letters: CPA, COG, CAC, P&L

15. Be selfish with your f*cks.

16. Protect your energy, it's real.

17. Someone will steal from you.

18. Sales beats everything.

19. If they're not better than you at something, they're not for you.

20. You want it, cross it off the to-do list.

21. Everyone lies and they believe themselves.

22. Be your own motivational speech.

23. It's gonna suck... often.

24. Yet you'll wish you could do it again.

25. You won't win if you're not obsessed.

26. Balance is seasonal.

27. Ignore talk, believe skin in the game.

28. Leave money for a rainy day.

29. You can't eat net worth, cash is king.

30. Don't swerve in too many lanes, you get hit.

31. Work like a lion, not a cow.

32. Who... not how. Always.

33. You're one person away from your win.

34. Dream so big you outdream others.

35. You'll only regret not starting earlier. ”

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Twitter post Quotes

“An odd contradiction:

The strongest men are often the kindest.
The weakest men are often the loudest.”

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“Anyone who says owning real estate is passive income has never owned real estate.”

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“Be easy to find; hard to reach.”

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“Before you get into entrepreneurship just know...

You will get lied to, cheated, defrauded, tricked, sued and you'll make plenty of mistakes too.

You'll be better for it. But it will take its piece of skin. Make sure you're ready.”

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“Behind every successful entrepreneur is a bad former manager.”

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“By yourself, you will never scale.”

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“Consistent good compounds into great. Every time.”

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“Don’t confuse thinking about work with you doing the work.”

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“Even when you love your work... It still requires work.

Success is not guaranteed.”

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“Every job sucks.

If you want to do what you love, expect many years of doing things you hate.”

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“Every time you say 'one day' replace it with 'today'. Your life will 180.”

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“Everybody wants the hack, be the person who just does the work.”

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“Now is the perfect time to forget your past, forgive yourself, and begin again.”

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