Connie Podesta Quotes

Who is Connie Podesta?

Keynote speaker and author in the field of psychology.

Born March 11, 1947

Best 7 Quotes by Connie Podesta

“Change is what makes life exciting, daring, different, inspired. Stop fighting it. Embrace it!”

Connie Podesta

“Happiness is understanding that abundance is yours for the taking.”

Connie Podesta

“Indifferent and apathetic people are just as dangerous to your life as negative people. Apathy is contagious!”

Connie Podesta

“Procrastination? Career-killer. Joy-spoiler. Relationship-ender. Don’t wait for tomorrow to be happier and more successful.”

Connie Podesta

“The number one reason why someone has an affair in marriage is not about sex. It’s because they no longer felt good about themselves in the presence of their spouse. The number one reason why an employee quits their job is not about money, it’s because they no longer felt good about themselves in the presence of their management team. Ladies and gentleman, we make choices based on how we feel about ourselves.”

Connie Podesta

“We are not attracted to people because of their strengths, we are attracted to people because of our weaknesses. Which is why it is so important that you understand yourself.”

Connie Podesta

“Women, shame on you! Don’t you ever ask a man in your life again about your weight. You have a scale – get on it!”

Connie Podesta

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