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“An alpha female is beautiful, confident, successful, takes care of herself and is used to leading in all areas of her personal and professional life.

She is not going to tolerate half-*ss effort, weakness, shy or timid men. She knows her worth, wants a true equal and will not settle for less than she knows she deserves. She has her choice with men and wants a man who has choice with women.

The only way to attract an alpha female is to be at the top of your game in all areas of your personal and professional life. Not being intimidated by her beauty and sex appeal, confidence and to continually pass her tests of your strength to demonstrate through your example, that you are worthy.

Only then will you exude the vibe and certainty that will make her feel safe and comfortable enough to willingly submit to your leadership of the relationship.”

“Approval seeking behavior is not masculine. It is creepy, stalker-like behavior.”

“Ask really great, high-quality questions that illicit an explicit response.”

“At some point in the relationship, you are going to become complacent. It happens to all of us.”

“Courtship is ongoing and it is never going to end.”

“Every guy is going to realize that every relationship is an opportunity for growth.”

“Have her try to prove to you why she is worth your time.”

“If you are going out on a date with an expectation of having sex, go get a hooker.”

“If you are uncertain of yourself, how can you expect to keep the ideal woman of your dreams?”

“If you want to meet a woman and get into a relationship, you have to act as though you are already in one.”

“It is ironic that most guy will ‘never’ have enough time to spend with their wives, but they always have time to visit the divorce lawyer.”

“The foremost thing that needs to be in your mind is that you enter into a relationship to give.”

“True love does not have attachments. You give freely, without caring what comes back in return.”

“Trying to make her feel sorry for you is not going to make her want you more.”

“What a woman says is not necessarily what she responds to.”

“You have to go into relationship not with what you can get out of it, but with what you can put into it.”

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“In an evolutionary context, in ancestral environments, we lived in small groups, perhaps 50 to 150 people or so, and we occasionally encountered other groups. In the course of our lifetimes, you would have encountered perhaps a few dozen potential mates.

What you have with something like Tinder or the modern online dating world is you have thousands or actually literally millions of potential mates, and so you're bombarded with the impression that there is an infinite variety to choose from.

It could have the effect of saying, 'Well, this person is right on eight of the 10 things I want, but they're not right on 10 of the 10, so I'm going to keep looking.'

And so it may lower commitment if there is the impression that there's always someone better around right around the corner.”

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“Because of movies, music and television shows, men have come to believe that they are supposed to wait on a woman hand and foot and act like a stalker to make women fall for them.

They learn, basically, that if they become her do-boy, she will fall in love with them. That may look romantic in the movies, but when you try that in real life, that is not the way it happens.

It actually turns them off. Approval seeking behavior is not masculine. It is creepy stalker-like behavior.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“First date, how you planned to get a limo, and all these amazing, crazy, ridiculous things. Then you call her, and she doesn’t even remember who you are. That shows that she has a very low level of attraction.

In this case, I have actually told the woman: I’m sorry. I must have the wrong number. I am only going to go out with women who are saying: Oh, yes. I was wondering when you were going to call. I am only going to spend my time with somebody that is really into me.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“I like to meet out for a drink first. Why? If you decide you don’t like her, it’s easy to leave. If things go well, then you can order appetizers and maybe dinner.

Have two or three places close by that you can go to if things go well. Maybe go to a second place for darts, to shoot pool, a wine bar, bowling, miniature golf, etc.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“I would respond: Well, it sounds like it is not a good time for us to get together, so let’s just do it another night. Then be quiet and wait for her response.

If she backs up and keeps the plans as they were, then you just passed her test. If she says: Okay, let’s do it another time, without naming a specific day and time, then wait a full week before calling to make another date.

If she pulls the same thing, then you know her attraction level is below a 5, and she is out for good.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“If she says: I’m free Wednesday or Thursday. You are going to respond: How about we meet at blah, blah on Thursday at 8 pm? Provided you’re both free then.

When she says, sure! Then say, Great, Jessica. I look forward to seeing you Thursday night at 8. If you get there first, get us a table. If I get there first, I will get us a table.

If something comes up, I will call you. Otherwise, I will see you at blah, blah. Does that sound good? Her: Yes. That’s it.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“If you only wait for the ones you really like, you’ll choke and walk away pissed off at yourself for not being ready and blowing a good opportunity, simply because you were not prepared.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“Just remember: Until she is in love with you, you want to stay off the phone, even if she is the one calling you.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“My lady is no longer in love with me, and things aren’t going that well. At that point, you have to turn it around quick and do all the things that made you successful in the first place.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“People can hide who they really are for the first 90 days of a relationship.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“Remember, it’s a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“She said: Okay. Call me before you come just to confirm. I told her: I don’t call and confirm dates or appointments. I’m a very busy guy. I would like to take you to lunch. If you can’t make a definite commitment to get together with me for lunch, then we will just have to do it some other time.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“She says: What is your number in case something comes up? Please call me later in the week to confirm, etc. That means it is more than likely that something is going to come up, and she is going to cancel.

My response in this situation is something along the lines of: Jessica, I have a really busy schedule, and I would definitely like to see you, but if you can’t make definite plans with me, then how about we just do it some other time?

Then you are going to wait for her response. It is what we call in sales, the Take Away or Negative Sale.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“She wants to feel your strength. She wants to feel your ability to resist her.”

How To Be a 3% Man

“The best way I have found to meet women is at weddings, art shows, seminars, private parties, social events, malls, grocery stores, trade shows or even at work.”

How To Be a 3% Man

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“Communicate with your behavior. Never overtly tell a woman anything. Allow her to come to the conclusions you intend. Her imagination is the best tool in your Game toolbox. Learn how to use it.”

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