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“Before I became famous I had a very full life, and that gave me a lot to pick from. I always use everything. It always comes in handy. Working with animals... Well, I just enjoyed that. That was the most peaceful time.”

“Everyone – whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender – should be allowed to show their true colors, and be accepted and loved for who they are.”

“Everything does go in a circle.”

“Fame doesn't redeem you. It takes a long time to get there, and when you're finally there, you realise you still have authority figures telling you what to do.”

“God has more important things to worry about than who I sleep with.”

“Humour is a great vehicle for getting a message across. If you get too serious, you could die of starch.”

“I absolutely refuse to reveal my age. What am I – a car?”

“I always sang. I wanted to be in a band with my sister, and I was, at 11. At 12, I started writing seriously, and that was my pacifier all through high school – that and painting.”

“I can't judge the way other people behave. I can only look at myself.”

“I come from a line of great Sicilian women, and their mentality is to endure and push through to the other side.”

“I do have a lot of difficulty figuring out what I want to be working on, but what's the alternative? To be one of those people who has a million things they want to do, and then never does any of them? And then where will you be?”

“I don't have good business sense. You never get much money for the arts. But I like independence. I like to grow.”

“I get the greatest feeling when I'm singing. It's other-worldly. Your feet are anchored into the Earth and into this energy force that comes up through your feet and goes up the top of your head and maybe you're holding hands with the angels or the stars, I have no idea.”

“I have a hard time doing anything someone else tells me to do! I've always been driven to follow my own path and not be pushed down another lane because some executive thought I could be more commercially successful or whatever.”

“I have a wig for when I go outside among the regular folks, so they don't feel uncomfortable because I have a Day-Glo color somewhere in my hair.”

“I learned jazz; that comes from blues. I learned rock; that comes from blues. I learned pop; that comes from blues. Even dance, that comes from blues, with the answer-and-response.”

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“You can't stop people from talking about you, but you can stop giving them something to talk about.”

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“I lose faith and I lose ground, but then I see you and remember unconditional love.”

“I lucked out when I started to sing. I'd already experienced failing at everything else.”

“I never had a rivalry with Madonna. You don't knock another sister, ever. There's room for everybody on this planet; you don't have to be like anyone else.”

“I wanted to make the album I always needed to make. I had to say the things I never could.”

“I wouldn't record any song that I didn't like.”

“I'm in the business where you get the business all the time.”

“I'm not gonna worry about what people think about me. I'm too busy. I don't give a hoot.”

“I've always felt, even as a songwriter, that the rhythm of speech is in itself a language for me.”

“I've always wondered what it would be like if somebody from outer space landed with three heads. Then all of a sudden everybody else wouldn't look so bad, huh? Well, OK you're a little different from me but, hey, ya got one head.”

“I've got a Grammy and Emmy, I'd like to have a Tony.”

“If you can't go one way, there's many ways to get where you're going. So you just take a step back and see beyond the wall.”

“If you saw me without makeup, you wouldn't recognize me.”

“If you think you're hearing something and you can't think what it is. If you feel a quiet longing lift your heart into the wind. There you'll find my kindred spirit. There you'll meet me as a friend. It is just a kindred spirit and a song to let you in.”

“In the darkest place, shed the brightest light.”

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“Break the rules, stand apart, ignore your head, and follow your heart.”

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