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Best 15 Quotes by Cyndie Spiegel

“I suppose that the beauty of spending a life never being fully comfortable sitting still is that it doesn’t feel strange for me do things differently or simply change my damn mind.”

“If you want this to change, you can’t be complacent.”

“The getting to know yourself piece takes work. And guess what? I can not do it for you.”

“There is no one right way to handle extended trauma and unknowing.

Everyone has to find their place within it and live with the consequences of whichever choices they make, myself included.”

“We need courageous, thriving people in the world today.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish) Quotes

“Have boundaries like a motherf*cker.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“If you must drink, then drink nice bourbon and good wine, not the mediocre sh*t. You’re better than that.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“Kiss and make-up.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“Life's too short so don't be an *sshole.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“Marry whoever the f*ck you want. Or don't.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“People die. Love them while they are alive.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

“Take no sh*t. Seriously. Don’t.”

The Ten Commandments(Ish)

Twitter post Quotes

“Do not apologize. You are not for everyone.”

Twitter post

“Don't wait for an invitation.”

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“You owe it to yourself.

To stand up for what you know and have a real opinion even if others disagree.

To do incredible work and get paid fairly regardless of the 'going rate'.

To accept all of who you are, in a mashup of your full glory.”

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