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Best 23 Quotes by Damian Lillard

“A lot of people kind of conform. I don't want it to sound like I'm saying I don't care about championships. That's not my point.

But what I'm saying is a lot of people give in to the pressure of, 'I didn't have this; I didn't have rings'.”

“Anytime odds get stacked up against me, I feel like it's in me to beat it.”

“For me it's just amazing that I grew up watching Tim Duncan and KG and Kobe and Paul Pierce, Allen Iverson and all those guys and now it's like, 'Man, I can't believe they actually got old.'

It's like they actually walked away. It's crazy to think about, but the game has to keep moving.”

“I always talk about, like, with end-of-game situations, making and missing big shots, I know I can shoulder that. I can live with having the success of the playoffs and having a huge failure. I know I can deal with it.”

“I just want to keep working hard, stay humble, and keep trying to win games.”

“I know, personally, people said a lot about what kind of defender I was. So I wanted to get better at it.”

“I like '1989', the whole album. 'Welcome to New York,' 'Blank Space,' 'Bad Blood' – all of it!”

“I love music. In a lot of my downtime, I spend time listening to other people's music or other people's rhymes and writing my own.”

“I read, I watch a lot of movies, I’m constantly living, so I’m constantly having more to say.”

“I want to see things work out for everybody so it's a burden I place on myself to make sure that we are performing at a certain level, that we get certain things done.”

“I’m here to be a leader and show younger people the way.”

“I’m loyal to Portland. I want to play my whole career here, but at any moment, they can decide we want somebody else.”

“I’ve never had issues with stardom.”

“If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to outwork thousands in front of nobody.”

“If your dreams don't match your actions, you can either change your dreams or change your actions.”

“Injuries are a part of the game. Every athlete knows that.”

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“All children need their fathers, but boys especially need fathers to teach them how to be men.”

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“Most parents are able to be with their kid every day. Every day of their life, their parents have an opportunity to be with them, and we don't have that luxury as professional athletes. That's the hardest thing.”

“Put some respect on my f*cking name!”

“Sometimes, it’s just your turn to go through hard times.”

“Visionary means being able to see a place for something that can be impactful before it’s right in front of you.”

“We have to look in the mirror and say ‘I have to be better’ because whatever it is we’re doing is not working and it’s not giving us the shot to compete on the level that we want to compete on.”

“When I get done playing basketball, I'm definitely not going to be a rapper. I'm not going to be an old person who is focused on being a rapper.”

When asked about the pressure to win the game. Quotes

“Pressure, nah, this is just playing ball. Pressure is the homeless man, who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. Pressure is the single mom, who is trying to scuffle and pay her rent.

We get paid a lot of money to play a game. Don’t get me wrong ― there are challenges. But to call it pressure is almost an insult to regular people.”

When asked about the pressure to win the game.

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“I never looked at [basketball] as work. I didn’t realize it was work until my first year in the NBA. When I came around, I was surrounded by other professionals and I thought basketball was going to be everything to them and it wasn’t. And I was like, ‘This is different.’ I thought everybody was so obsessive about the game like me. It was like, no? Oh, that’s hard work. I get it now.”

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