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“Exercise should be mandatory if you have a desk job.”

“If you don’t exercise you’re not as smart as you think.”

“Most people would rather take 50 pills a day than fix the lifestyle that made them sick in the first place.”

“Society eats so much junk food that eating real food is considered dieting.”

“The best gift you can give your family is getting healthy.”

“We’re at a point where whatever mainstream media says about health… do the opposite.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life Quotes

“The 10-3-2-1 Rule

10 hours before bed stop drinking coffee to avoid caffeine.

3 hours before bed stop eating to rest your digestive system.

2 hours before bed stop drinking liquids to avoid waking up to pee.

1 hour before bed stop looking at screens to fall asleep faster.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life

“The 21/90 Rule

It takes 21 days to start a habit. It takes 90 days to start a lifestyle.

Use these as milestones complete when sticking to a new habit.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life

“The Rule of 1

Find it hard to workout? Start with one set.

Find it hard to write? Start with one sentence.

If you find it hard to start focus on doing 1 thing.

Focusing on doing one creates the activation energy to get momentum in your favor.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life

“The Rule of 2

If you miss one workout, make it a point to hit the next one.

If you eat a 'bad' meal, make the next one healthy.

If you miss once it's a mistake. If you miss twice it's a decision.

High performers never miss twice.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life

“The Rule of Family

Everything I do is optimized to take care of my family and spend time with them.

Family always comes first.

I won't regret making my daughters ballet recital but I may regret skipping it so I could spend more time at work.”

5 Rules to Live a Better Life

Twitter post Quotes

“7 habits of highly energetic people:

1. They create energy.
2. They have a purpose.
3. They get enough sleep.
4. They don't eat like crap.
5. They stay hydrated.
6. They prioritize rest and recovery.
7. They spend time outside in nature.”

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“9 Foods for a Health Brain

1. Eggs
2. Fatty Fish
3. Beef Liver
4. Green leafy vegetables
5. Coffee & green tea
6. Berries
7. Turmeric
8. Fermented foods
9. Dark Chocolate”

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“9 ways to destroy your brain

- Watch p*rn
- Avoid learning
- Have a big belly
- Get zero exercise
- Drink alcohol regularly
- Don't hang with friends
- Eat inflammatory foods
- Have shitty sleeping habits
- Avoid managing stress levels
- Argue with people on the internet”

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“A can of coke contains 30 mg of caffeine and 39 grams of sugar.

Are you sure you want your kids to drink this?”

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“A lot of anxiety comes from stressing too much about outcomes and not putting enough focus on your process.”

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“My goal in life is to leave the world, the gym, and fitness industry a little better than it was before me.

As a bodybuilder and someone judged everyday by how big my muscles are and how my body looks, I want to be remembered most by how I treated others and how big my heart was.”

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“AI is both amazing and horrifying at the same time.”

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“All I want to do is create, work on something bigger than myself, be with family, exercise, eat good food, lift weights, walk in nature and get good sleep.

Everything else is a distraction.”

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“An underrated diet hack is eating similar meals every single day.”

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“An underrated form of self mastery is controlling the foods that go into your mouth.”

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“Beef liver is considered nature's multivitamin as it contains more nutrients gram for gram than any other food.”

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“Do cardio for a longer life. Lift weights for a quality life.”

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“Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

The yolks contain choline, which is associated with reducing inflammation and improved brain function.

They are also high in tryptophan, an amino acid that’s a building block of serotonin.”

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“Every gym bro needs to read. Every intellectual needs to lift.

It's about balance.”

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“Exercise doesn't burn as many calories as you think. Doing an intense workout is not an excuse to eat like crap.”

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“Exercise is as effective as drugs used for treating anxiety and depression without all the nasty side effects.”

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“Exercise should be mandatory for people who work desk jobs.”

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“Feeling bored? Let's eat.
Feeling stressed? Let's get a drink.
Just closed the big deal? Let's celebrate by doing both.

You're training yourself to deal with emotions using food and alcohol.”

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“Gaman is to be patient and calm during stressful times.

Gaman translates into enduring toughness and the unbearable with patience and dignity.

It teaches us not to lose ourselves no matter how bad things get.”

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“Get your body in shape, prioritize your family, manage your emotions, make money AND have awesome experiences.

Everything else is empty calories.”

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“Bamboo takes years to grow out of the ground, and when it does its growth is exponential. The reason it takes so long to grow is it needs to build a solid foundation for its development.

And so do you.”

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