Dan Sullivan Quotes

Best 13 Quotes by Dan Sullivan

“Always make your future bigger than your past.”

“People who spend most of their time putting out fires are usually also the arsonists.”

“Questions are infinitely superior to answers.”

“So in a world where everyone is competing with their answers, how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? With a question.”

“Success means that you’re making bigger and better improvements that are valuable to others and satisfying to yourself. It means that you can’t think of anything you’d rather be doing than what you’re doing.”

“Surround yourself with people who remind you more of your future than your past.”

“The moment you have arrived is the perfect time to start out again.”

“We remain young to the degree that our ambitions are greater than our memories.”

“Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.”

Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep Quotes

“If greatness is your goal, it can only be achieved today.”

Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep

“Three great obstacles to progress: guilt, envy, and resentment.”

Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep

Who Not How Quotes

“A painting is never finished—it simply stops in interesting places.”

Who Not How

“It’s more satisfying to be useful now than to be remembered later.”

Who Not How

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“When you live with integrity and value your word over your excuses, you have the power to speak your dreams into existence.”

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