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Who is Dandamis?

Dandamis was an ancient Greek gymnosophistic philosopher and swami. Gymnosophist is just a fancy word for naked philosopher. Alexander the Great encountered him in the woord near Taxila. Dandamis is also known as Mandanes.

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“Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.”

“I lie upon the forest leaves, and having nothing which requires guarding, close my eyes in tranquil slumber; whereas had I anything to guard, that would banish sleep. The earth supplies me with everything, even as a mother her child with milk. I go wherever I please, and there are no cares with which I am forced to cumber myself.”

“I live in my house therefore I don't trash my house. I live in my mind therefore I don't trash my mind.”

His welcome speech to Alexander the Great Quotes

“I have nothing to offer you. Because we have no thought of pleasure or gold, we love God and despise death, whereas you love pleasure, gold and kill people, you fear death and despise God.”

His welcome speech to Alexander the Great

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“God the Great King, is not a source of violence but provider of water, food, light and life. Your king cannot be a God, who loves violence and who is mortal. Even if you take away my head, you cannot take away my soul, which will depart to my God and leave this body like we throw away old garment. We, brahman do not love gold nor fear death. So your king has nothing to offer, which I may need. Go and tell your King: Dandamis, therefore, will not come to you. If he needs Dandamis, he must come to me.”

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