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Who is Daniel Chechick?

Daniel Chechick is a modern day philosopher and author. He writes about existentialism and takes his unsuspecting readers on a journey throughout the human mind.

Chechick is the writer of the books Existential Dialogues I and II.

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“No one would have noticed if you had not been born.”

Existential Dialogues Quotes

“Because this truth must be told. After all, in our infancy, we depend on others who imprint our minds with their values, desires and purposes. Thus, one is brought up to fully resign to the will of others, since every defiance is a sin, which, eventually, will be harshly punished by all kinds of gods and demons. It is at this early stage already that you discover human finiteness-in the most terrible way!”

Existential Dialogues

“Every one of us lives through an endless inner fight, unnoticed even by one's closest circle.”

Existential Dialogues

“I guess you, intellectuals and philosophically oriented chose, either intentionally or unintentionally, to live another life, perceiving suffering as an intellectual pleasure, and thought as superior to splendid folly. I suppose you made the wrong choice.”

Existential Dialogues

“Or, maybe we only perceive other people's relation to ourselves?”

Existential Dialogues

“To what extent are you the captain of your own ship of life?”

Existential Dialogues

“We, the outside observers, pass judgment on our fellow-humans despite our total ignorance of their lives, waiving the rules of elementary decency. We base our judgment on trifle details, unaware of how terribly little of the Big Picture we see. Our view of the lives of others is distorted, because we examine them through a telescope aimed at a single, accidental, usually insignificant spot, thus disregarding the entire world outside the lens.”

Existential Dialogues

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