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Best Quotes by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

“I read that the celebrated Amontons, using a thermometer of his own invention, had discovered that water boils at a fixed degree of heat. I was at once inflamed with a great desire to make for myself a thermometer of the same sort, so that I might with my own eyes perceive this beautiful phenomenon of nature.”

“It then came into my mind what that most careful observer of natural phenomena, Amontons, had written about the correction of the barometer; for he had observed that the height of the column of mercury in the barometer was a little (though sensibly enough) altered by the varying temperature of the mercury. From this I gathered that a thermometer might be perhaps constructed with mercury.”

“The degree 48 in my thermometers holds the middle between between the limit of the most intense cold obtained artificially in a mixture of water, of ice and of salt-ammoniac or even of sea-salt, and the limit of heat which is found in the blood of a healthy man.”

“When a mercury thermometer was made (perhaps imperfect in many ways) the result answered to my prayer; and with great pleasure of mind I observed the truth, that water boils at a fixed degree of heat.”

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