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Best 13 Quotes by Daniel Larson

“Did you know that salt water taste like sushi?”

“Everyone, please do not get the visor vaccine.”

“Happy 69th birthday to Ted Bundy, you are a great person.”

“I love pigeons that poop out butterflies.”

“I would do very well in a Captain Crunch commercial.”

“I. Love. Monkeys.”

“I’m about to take down my disability care service and rise to the top.”

“It should be a crime to abandon the US constitution and not use it.”

“Just wait a couple of years, everyone is gonna be named Corona.”

“Living the flippin' dream.”

“So I just roke up this morning.”

“This is a message to my care provider: You better speak Italian because the mafia is coming for you.”

“We need a better President. I think Joe Biden is about to fail. This is not good.”

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“A woman who was 20 pounds overweight once told me she was worried about working out because she didn’t want to get ‘too bulky’. I told her it was too late for that and she took that as a compliment. Touché, madam. Touché.”

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