Daniel Schmachtenberger Quotes

Best 17 Quotes by Daniel Schmachtenberger

“Anything you can write a process for, no human wants to spend their whole life doing.”

“As technology is empowering our choices and we are getting something like the power of gods, you have to have something like the love and the wisdom of gods to wield that or you self-destruct.”

“Cognitively we’re not eating salads and healthy things. Cognitively we’re just eating french fries.”

“Economics can be seen as the interface layer between our values and the way we build the world.”

“If we are gaining the power of gods, then without the love and wisdom of gods, we self-destruct.”

“Peoples’ minds are the battlefield, the treasure that is trying to be achieved, and also the weapons.”

“Rivalrous game dynamics multiplied by exponential tech end up self-terminating.”

“Sense-making is about the exploration into what is real, and what is meaningful is bound to what is real.”

“Shit, the whole evolutionary process resulted in me.”

“The distinction of technology creation or tool-making as a process by which new stuff comes to exist as opposed to evolution as a process by which new stuff comes to exist is at the heart of a lot of the things that I think about.”

“The forty weeks of a baby in utero, if it continued, would kill itself and the mom. And the phase shift of leaving the birth canal and umbilical cord cut – it’s not predicted by the forty weeks before, if you didn’t know that thing was going to happen.”

“The real existential risk is a loss of the ability to make sense of the world around us: what is worth doing, and what the likely effects of things will be.”

“We do have an innate impulse towards agency, towards self actualization. Within a win-lose game structure, that will look like a competitive impulse. But within a win-win structure, that will look like the desire to go beyond my previous capacity.”

“We don’t know how to do civilization without war.”

“We have a system where structural violence and externality are implicit throughout the system completely, so participation with that at all requires it.”

“Why is it worth doing anything? It’s worth doing anything because I’m going to be adding to the beauty and meaningfulness of reality that is experienceable by other people.”

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