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“Be the one willing to test the limits and not give a f*ck in doing so! If your goal is to reach the stars, there is a good chance you won’t get there but just imagine how high you will get in attempting to do so! Stay hard!”

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“I challenge you for the New Year to take time out for yourself. Quiet the noise. Reflect. Find what you truly want in life. Stop starting things you know you are going to stop anyway. Make sure all of your time is spent with the proper people and on the path leading to your ultimate destination.”

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“It’s not your fault that you make people feel like shit when you continue to grind regardless. Never allow anyone to deter you from giving your all. There is no secret to this. It is just having the will to want more. Stay hard!”

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“Many of you haven't found what you truly want in your life. Once you do, I suggest you figure out how to give your all.

The real problem isn't the fear of a f*cked up body. It's your fear of the effort required to truly give your all!”

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“The only excuse you have for not getting it in is because you and you alone chose to not get it in.

You chose something over working out and then you chose to make an excuse as to why you didn’t work out. What you need to do is choose to change your mentality!

Stay hard!”

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“You need to get to the point in your life where you no longer look at failure as failure rather see it merely as an attempt! Remember this: the valiant motherf*cker always wins even when the world around you may see you 'failing'. Stay hard!”

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