David Liss Quotes

Best 13 Quotes by David Liss

“Sometimes you make your mistakes with your eyes wide open.”

“The world is full of wonders that cannot be measured. That is why they are wonders.”

A Conspiracy of Paper Quotes

“he world has changed, you know. Either we change with it and prosper or we shake our fists at the sky. I prefer the first choice. And what about you, Weaver? What do you prefer?”

A Conspiracy of Paper

“Proximity, I have learned, is often as effective as violence.”

A Conspiracy of Paper

“We are all driven by our passions, and our task is to know when to submit to them and when to resist.”

A Conspiracy of Paper

“You will act not on what your eyes and ears show you, but on what your mind thinks probable.”

A Conspiracy of Paper

The Coffee Trader Quotes

“You are but a hard turd in the ass of my journey.”

The Coffee Trader

The Day of Atonement Quotes

“Choices are in our power, but consequences are not.”

The Day of Atonement

The Ethical Assassin Quotes

“In 1985 I'd never seen a mullet before, had no idea what a mullet was, what it was called, or why someone might choose to endure such a thing except for the simple pleasure that comes from having two haircuts on one head. All I knew was that it looked monumentally stupid.”

The Ethical Assassin

The Twelfth Enchantment Quotes

“It is one thing to accept that one is powerless to stop the suffering in the world, but quite another to benefit from what brings misery to others.”

The Twelfth Enchantment

The Whiskey Rebels Quotes

“At what point, I wondered, does silence become complicity?”

The Whiskey Rebels

“I enjoy my pettiness with a dose of wit.”

The Whiskey Rebels

“There will always be a storm. You may be rained on or cause the rain yourself. I much prefer the latter.”

The Whiskey Rebels

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“Sometimes we do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions not answers.”

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