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Best Understanding the F-Word Quotes by David McGowan

Understanding the F-Word Quotes

“If America were based on a representational system, as are the European democracies, winning would be a relative concept, and third-party votes would not be thrown away. For in that type of system, congressional or parliamentary seats are awarded proportionally based on the election outcome.

In other words, your party need not ‘win’ to gain representation. Every vote for your party gains greater representation, and no votes are thrown away. It is easy to see how this type of democracy could quickly erode the entrenched ‘two-party’ system.”

Understanding the F-Word

“The truth of the matter is that the system is not designed to allow for upstart third parties. It can adjust to accommodate a patently bogus third party, and it can tolerate the occasional Republican or Democrat bolting his party to pose as an 'Independent', but a real third party doesn’t stand a chance.

That is why you won’t find anything but Republicans and Democrats in the White House and the US Senate. Even the House of Representatives, reputedly the branch of the federal government most responsive to the people, counts just one Independent among its 435 members.”

Understanding the F-Word

“We all know that voting for a third-party candidate is just throwing your vote away. Which is, sadly, quite true. True because the American system of 'democracy' is a winner-take-all system. And a minor party candidate, lacking funding and media support, has exactly no chance of winning.”

Understanding the F-Word

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