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Who is Detlef Beeker?

Dr. Detlef Beeker is a professor and author who researches happiness. Beeker considers himself an anti-stress expert.

Born May 23, 1967

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Master Your Emotions Quotes

“It's not the things themselves that worry us, but the ideas and opinions about things.”

Master Your Emotions

Stress is an Illusion Quotes

“Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Wasn’t everything suddenly nice? How wonderful the blue sky looked, with its white clouds. Even rain you could enjoy. What if you could have this lovely mood all the time?”

Stress is an Illusion

“Mindfulness is the antipode to stress. Mindfulness takes you to a distance away from your thoughts. You no longer will feel laden by your anxious and stressful thoughts. Mindfulness calms the feelings, the stress reaction is relieved, and the body can relax. A great tool for mindfulness is meditation. It has been proven by countless studies that meditation has many positive effects on body and mind.”

Stress is an Illusion

“Most people assume that events trigger our feelings. I didn't get the job, and I'm disappointed. My boss criticized me, so I'm hurt and angry. My friend cheated on me, so I'm upset and mad. We can continue this list indefinitely. But is it really so? The clear answer is No! It's the thoughts we have about a certain event that cause our emotions.”

Stress is an Illusion

“Our brain is that of our ancestors. Their lives were hard and very dangerous: hunger, harsh environmental conditions and predators were a constant danger. The better our brain was able to cope with these environmental conditions, the higher the chance of survival. So our brain is specialized in surviving.”

Stress is an Illusion

“Stress and anxiety make us breathe 'flatter' and faster. We breathe flat in the ribcage instead of deep into the stomach. This increases the stress, and we breathe even flatter. This can lead to a cycle that increases our stress.”

Stress is an Illusion

“Stress is defined as a real or perceived threat to our body or ego.”

Stress is an Illusion

“Stress is not only negative. It also has its advantages. Stress gives us strength and energy. We can use these.”

Stress is an Illusion

“The amygdala is the alarm system of our body. If you recognize a danger, your body will be prepared to fight, flee, or freeze in a flash. These are the stress reactions of the body.”

Stress is an Illusion

“The amygdala is the alarm system, the prefrontal cortex the managing director. It can have a calming effect on the amygdala and is our ally in dealing with stress.”

Stress is an Illusion

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