Dorothee Solle Quotes

Best 19 Quotes by Dorothee Solle

“A competitive society is a society of envy.”

“Death is what takes place within us when we look upon others not as gift, blessing, or stimulus but as threat, danger, competition.”

“Our whole life consists of despairing of an answer and seeking an answer.”

“Religion is made up of unrestrained wishes.”

“This is the purpose of theology. By it my life becomes clearer and more conscious.”

“To be content with the world as it is is to be dead.”

“We are afraid of religion because it interprets rather than observance. Religion does not confirm that there are hungry people in the world; it interprets the hungry to be our brethren whom we allowed to starve.”

“What is important is not what someone is but what he is waiting for. Not the events of life but its possibilities.”

“With the disappearance of God the Ego moves forward to become the sole divinity.”

Suffering Quotes

“God has no other hands than ours. If the sick are to be healed, it is our hands that will heal them. If the lonely and the frightened are to be comforted, it is our embrace, not God's, that will comfort them.”


“The more people anticipate the elimination of suffering the less strength they have actually to oppose it.”


“Toleration of exploitation, oppression, and injustice points to a condition lying like a pall over the whole of society; it is apathy, an unconcern that is incapable of suffering.”


The Silent Cry Quotes

“If we had possessions, Francis would say, we would also need weapons. He held on to the inescapable link of poverty and peace.”

The Silent Cry

“One of the oldest longings of all people of mystical sensibility is to be rid of disguises to the point of becoming naked.”

The Silent Cry

The Strength of the Weak Quotes

“A language that takes our emotions seriously and gives them real weight in our lives encourages us to think and be and act differently.”

The Strength of the Weak

“Bible texts are best read with a pair of glasses made out of today's newspaper.”

The Strength of the Weak

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“Because you're not thinking about existence and being, you're not really thinking at all.”

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“If my hands are fully occupied in holding on to something, I can neither give nor receive.”

The Strength of the Weak

Theology for Skeptics Quotes

“God dreams us, and we should not let God dream alone.”

Theology for Skeptics

“God is practically speaking irrelevant for the great majority precisely because of God's non-interference.”

Theology for Skeptics