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Best 23 Quotes by Dustin Hoffman

“Blame is for God and small children.”

“Canada is like a nice family living over a biker bar... They keep telling the downstairs neighbors to keep down the noise, people are trying to sleep.”

“Depressed, anxious, sad, frightened? Yes. But I've never been bored.”

“God knows I've done enough crap in my life to grow a few flowers.”

“I feel cheated never being able to know what it's like to get pregnant, carry a child and breast feed.”

“I got into acting so that I could meet girls. Pretty girls came later. First, I wanted to start off with someone with two legs, who'd smile at me and look soft.”

“I knew I finally made it as a performer when I began hearing rumors that I was gay.”

“I lived below the official American poverty line until I was 31.”

“I love acting, and I'm not going to determine what I do based on what I fear other people might think. I do what I want to do.”

“I think 'retirement' goes hand in hand with people who make a living by having a 'job.' I don't think we-the .00001 percent of the population who are so fortunate to love passionately what we do -consider it a 'job'.”

“I wanted to be a jazz pianist, but I wasn't good enough. I got into city college because I didn't have the grades to get into university. I took acting because it was a way to get three credits. I just needed three credits and my friend told me to take acting because it was like gym - nobody fails you. I took it and that's literally how I got involved in acting.”

“If you can get out there and say I'm going to...I'm willing to fail at what I feel is right, that's it.”

“Life stinks, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy it.”

“Myth is supposed to bring us together, but fantasy alienates us.”

“One thing about being successful is that I stopped being afraid of dying. Once you're a star you're dead already. You're embalmed.”

“Poverty is not dated. Homeless people have looked the same since the thirteenth century. Go back to the times of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Look at photographs. It's amazing. The face on a homeless person is timeless.”

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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

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“The better you are as a parent, the richer the nest you've built, the more difficult it is for your kids to leave. So they have to invent things to dislike about you. And they're brilliant at it.”

“There is something unnatural about marriage. These two people are not going to be the same people in a few years. The trick is to live your own life while sharing the same space.”

“There's a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings. I don't understand, personally, how you can be bored. I can understand how you can be depressed, but I just don't understand boredom.”

“There's too many interesting women I haveā€¦ not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed.”

“This is your life. Now go make it the one you've always wanted.”

“To have a successful marriage, a man must, on a fundamental level be scared shitless of his wife.”

“You spend so much of your life basing yourself on what you think other people think of you. Then you realise that maybe one of the purposes of life is not to care.”

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“It's the hardest thing in the world to accept a 'little' success and leave it that way.”

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