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“No, I have no idea what water is, " said the fish.”

“100% efficiency is impossible. But quite a lot can be accomplished if you prepare for it.”

“39 brilliant chess moves are ruined by one blunder. 40 ok chess moves are very difficulty to beat.”

“A lifetime of theory is worth a year of trial and error.”

“A man who takes care of his appearance and style is signaling that he is both competent and capable since this requires discipline and resources.”

“A mentor once told me that a definition of science is a set of predictions that are testable, repeatable, and mathematically verifiable.”

“Acknowledge the similarities before you address the differences.”

“Advice is only as good as the person its given to.”

“Aim to be less stupid rather than more intelligent. 39 great moves can be undone with one blunder, but one who makes 40 good moves in a row is very hard to beat.”

“Ain't no 'work-life balance' when you're trying to make something of yourself from nothing.”

“Ain't nothing more cowardly than someone who provokes you and then when you finally retaliate, they go "I was just playing. Relax.”

“All snowflakes melt.”

“All you can do is try to be better each day. And then you'll die.”

“As long as you are happy with the life you have, let people fall out of your life who want you to change or disapprove.”

“Ask Ted Bundy about female intuition.”

“Automation is about to wipe out a lot more customer service jobs.

They don't realize that petitioning for a higher min wage in the face of automation is digging their own grave. Actually, it's even worse.

It's burying themselves alive and calling the grave a queen sized bed.”

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“Making excuses is not going to get me any closer to my goals.”

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“Awareness of what's wrong comes with the implicit responsibility to do something about it.”

“Be careful when you speak the truth
It often is misheard.
What sounds like common sense to you
To the masses, sounds absurd.”

“Be yourself, but only after you've gotten your shit together.

Until then, you probably should pretend to be someone better—at least until you forget that you're pretending and you simply are.”

“Before you complain, don't forget how lucky you are to even be able to complain.

You're even luckier if you can do something about what you're complain about, no matter how drastic the action would be.”

“Being liked and being respected look the same to people who have never experienced either.”

“Boundaries and standards are only a problem for people who take advantage of you having none. Once you put them in place, all the wrong people will remove themselves from your space.”

“Clearer questions = better answers

The only thing worse than ignoring a problem is trying to solve the wrong one.”

“Coffee so black the CIA sold it to fund a war against communists.”

“Conspiracy theorists' problem is their need for the world to make sense. They just can't accept stupidity, chance, or emergent behavior as cause so they invent one.”

“Discussions held in good faith make everyone smarter. Arguments with bad intentions make everyone angrier.”

“Do anything well and you make yourself a target.

Not just for your competitors, but for people who wish they could compete with you.

These are the haters who never do anything more significant than trying to tear you down.”

“Don't worry about others when aiming to be a better person. Either they will be inspired to do better themselves or they will do what they've always done. Simply make sure you understand human nature and how to mitigate/protect yourself from it.”

“Don’t befriend other guys’ girls.”

“Either you want more out of life or you don't. No book or podcast can make you more motivated than your own shitty circumstances.”

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“At the end of the day, I have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health.”

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