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“Embarrassment is the cost of entry. If you aren't willing to look like a foolish beginner, you'll never become a graceful master.”

“Emotions are fleeting and unpredictable.
Motivation is fickle and ephemeral.

Commitment is steadfast and resolute.
Commitment will get you through.”

“Every day Twitter reminds me that reading comprehension is not the same thing as being able to read.”

“Every lie you tell forces you to live in some degree of inauthenticity. Lying also signals a lack of strength.

Either you weren’t strong enough to behave in a way that didn’t require deception or you currently lack the strength to deal with the backlash from honesty.”

“Every year is a foundation year for the next.

If you’re doing it right, you should be able to reach a little further every year because you got a little better during the last.

Life may not get easier as you get older, but you should become more capable of handling it.”

“Everyone has an agenda. Even me.
The question isn't whether it's good or bad.
The question is whether you even know it's happening in the first place...”

“Everyone is selling something to someone else — whether they're trying to or not.”

“Everyone who's got it ain't showing it.
Everyone who's showing it ain't got it.”

“Everything in life is a double standard.
Your job is to put yourself in a position to benefit from this.”

“Expect more from yourself than you do from the world. If everyone did this, the world would become a better place.”

“Expecting to get ahead by doing the same things at the same pace as everyone else simply won't work...

Almost by definition.”

“Fighting is perhaps the only thing available to civilians that provides immediate negative feedback and stresses your entire system. Mental, physical, emotional. Hell, even spiritual. There is nothing like fighting to make you realize how irrelevant everything else is.”

“Figure out how to make people feel relevant and you'll never go without.”

“Fooling people into thinking something is for the greater good is how the greatest evils are not only allowed, but endorsed by the people they're done to.

Animal Farm was a teaching tale about this bug of human nature.”

“Get what's in your mind into the real world as quickly as possible so you can test it and learn how to make it better.

Or see if it's worth making better at all.”

“Good vibes for the supporters. I'm grateful.
Hopeful vibes for the haters. Feel better.

I can't hate on you because I love my life. I just hope that one day you love yours just as much.

That's the motto.”

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“Bulking doesn’t mean eating Über Eats every night. Recipe for disaster.

Eat similar foods but in larger quantities as you did when dieting. Much better strategy.”

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“Happy people never worry about how to make other people happy.
Usually because they're too busy being happy.

When someone comes out of left field with unsolicited advice for your life, be wary. They might just be looking for a way to feel happy themselves.”

“Hardship makes the heart grow stronger.”

“Hating on how someone gets money is some low class shit. If the job doesn't hurt people, you're weak for this. I don't care if you hate on 9-5ers, marketers, or cats selling courses. Get busy making your own money and stop being a miserable, broke, scarcity-minded hater.”

“Human nature always wins. If you bet on human nature, you'll either be prepared for the worst or pleasantly surprised.”

“Humans have a remarkable capacity to corrupt any system, no matter how well-meaning it seems.”

“I knew when I needed to give up drinking.

But it took another two years of crippling hangovers, missed opportunities, and pissing off loved ones before I finally quit.

“I quit drinking almost 8 years ago. Quitting wasn't easy, but the benefits I gained far exceeded my expectations.

You never know how quitting your bad habit(s) will change your life. But you can guarantee it will.”

“I think it's important that you take on challenges that push your body against your environment, that push your mind against society, and that force you to diminish your ego.”

“I'm amazed how Starbucks managed to make coffee unhealthy and commercialize it so well.

A large part of their success is the general public's ignorance about the dangers of sugar.

These cats really have the balls to make a Mocha Cappuccino with non-fat milk and call it healthy.”

“Ideas ain't plans.
Plans ain't execution.
Execution ain't results.
Results ain't learning.”

“If everyone believes a lie and no one can prove the truth, then what value does the truth have?”

“If it ain't paying you or laying you, it's straying you.”

“If marijuana becomes legal, I give it 10 years before people start talking about medicinal crack.”

“If nothing is your fault, then you can never solve any of your problems. This means you can never reap the benefits of their solutions.

Responsibility is a double-edged sword that way.”

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“Even a baby will fight for its life in the womb, won't you fight for your life?! Won't you recognize who these scum are?!”

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