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“The artist does not draw what he sees, but what he has to make others see.”

“The creation of a painting takes as much trickery and premeditation as the commitment of a crime.”

“The fascinating thing, is not to show the source of light, but the effect of light.”

“The true traveler never arrives.”

“Truth is never ugly when one can find in it what one needs.”

“We were created to look at one another, weren't we?”

“What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing and it's charming.”

“You must aim high, not in what you are going to do at some future date, but in what you are going to make yourself do to-day. Otherwise, working is just a waste of time.”

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“By painting colors and lines and forms seen in quickened mood I was seeking to make this mood vibrate as a phonograph does. This was the origin of the paintings in The Frieze of Life.”

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