Edward Eggleston Quotes

Who is Edward Eggleston?

Edward Eggleston was an American historian and novelist.

Born December 10, 1837
Died September 03, 1902

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“Journalism is organized gossip.”

Edward Eggleston

“Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.”

Edward Eggleston

“The storyteller is one who comes bearing a great and lasting gift.”

Edward Eggleston

The End of the World Quotes

“Funerals and weddings were commonplace, and nothing could have been so interesting to them as the coming of the end of the world... unless it had been a first-class circus.

Edward Eggleston
The End of the World

The Faith Doctor Quotes

“I studied mind-cure, or metaphysical healing, which strikes at the root of disease; I went into hypnotism, mesmerism, and phreno-magnetism, and the od force – I don't suppose you know about the od which Reichenbach discovered.”

Edward Eggleston
The Faith Doctor

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“I would like the expert physicians who are condemning me for my action, which has proven their ability, to take a perfectly sane and healthy woman, shut her up and make her sit from 6 A. M. until 8 P. M. on straight-back benches, do not allow her to talk or move during these hours, give her no reading and let her know nothing of the world or its doings, give her bad food and harsh treatment, and see how long it will take to make her insane. Two months would make her a mental and physical wreck.”

Ten Days in a Mad-House

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