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Children of the Lens Quotes

“That you can now be called adult does not mean you have achieved your full power, only that you are able to acquire other and larger powers.”

Children of the Lens

Galactic Patrol Quotes

“It's a much better technique to learn things among friends than enemies.”

Galactic Patrol

“The witnesses may be excused. Truth is the only thing of importance here, and witnesses, being human and therefore frail, obstruct truth more frequently than they further its progress.”

Galactic Patrol

Gray Lensman Quotes

“A man swears to keep from crying, a woman cries to keep from swearing.”

Gray Lensman

“I know they shot first, they always do, but how does that change things?”

Gray Lensman

“If any one of you will concentrate upon one single fact, or small object, such as a pebble or the seed of a plant or other creature, for as short a period of time as one hundred of your years, you will begin to perceive its truth.”

Gray Lensman

Second Stage Lensmen Quotes

“How could he explain beauty, or music, or art, to this . . . this matriarchal savage? How explain cerise to a man born blind? And above all, who had ever heard of having to explain to a woman—to any woman, anywhere in the whole macrocosmic universe—that she in particular was beautiful?”

Second Stage Lensmen

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“It has been argued that sexual equality is the most important criterion of that which we know as civilization.”

Second Stage Lensmen

“Working hypotheses, young man, must be based upon accurately determined facts; not upon mere guesses, superstitions, or figments of personal prejudices.”

Second Stage Lensmen

Triplanetary Quotes

“Absolute authority will be delegated. Full responsibility will be assumed. Those who succeed will receive advancement and satisfaction of desire. Those who fail will die.”


“Because America, being a democracy, could not strike first, but had to wait—wait in instant readiness—until she was actually attacked.”


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“Whoever thinks his friend more important than his country, I rate him nowhere.”

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