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Who is Elena Danaan?

Elena Danaan is French self-proclaimed druid and Celtic pagan artist living in Ireland.

Danaan wrote a book on her abductions by aliens called 'A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races'.

Born June 21, 1969

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A Gift From The Stars Quotes

“As far as I can remember, I was able to see entities and ghosts, have insights, visions, hear what others could not. I had inherited these talents from my maternal grandmother, also a gifted spirit medium.”

A Gift From The Stars

“Covering your eyes with your hand does not make the monster disappear. It is still here, hidden in the shadows, under your bed, behind the curtains, at the end of a dark corridor. And one day, you just need to turn back and face it.”

A Gift From The Stars

“I know for a fact that crop circles are mostly man made but a very small part of them are performed by interdimensional entities using sound waves.”

A Gift From The Stars

“It always takes great courage to speak. You open your heart and put yourself into a vulnerable position, so when we face sarcasm and incredulity, it hurts, it hurts like an arrow shot through the heart.”

A Gift From The Stars

“Memories are never erased for good; they are hidden in a little corner of your brain, in an awkward place cut from all communication with the central core. The system cannot find them, the access is severed, and the brain considers it lost or that it has been destroyed. But it’s not... Hypnosis cannot lie, and I didn’t expect at all what was coming. By setting free the fears locked into that Pandora box, I also set free other blockages in different domains of my life. Since then, I could finally move on and heal.”

A Gift From The Stars

“My earliest memory related to alien abductions goes back to when I was a toddler. One evening as my grandmother was reading bedtime stories to me, I was struck by the vision of a little grey man with a large bald head and big black eyes, coming out of the wall behind her. As I burst in tears, he disappeared bearing a strange apologetic expression.

Later on that night when everyone was asleep, I woke up seized by terror, when my body was lifted in the air by an invisible force. I was terrified, floating above the bed, not able to form a single sound in my throat, my little body all numb and paralysed. Then, there was a flash of blinding light bursting in the room and the next thing, I knew it was the morning. I was falling backwards into the bed and I heard my grandmother climbing the stairs at the sound of my cries. There was so much time missing! What had happened between the moment I lifted in the air above my little bed and the moment I was back, in the morning?”

A Gift From The Stars

“One night, I woke up with the sharp sensation of a presence in the room and an unknown slightly audible buzz in the air. Suddenly, a bright blue beam of light pourred from the ceiling and I found myself lifted above my body in a clear blue light. I was floating through the structure of the building, towards the cloudy night sky.

What was disturbing was that I was conscious that my physical body was still on my bed, down below on the ground. I could see myself as translucent during this journey. How intriguing and disturbing at the same time, to observe that my body was luminous on its edges and slightly translucent, but physical when I squeezed my own arm.

I couldn’t feel anything under my feet as it seemed I was just walking on the clouds under a magnificent starry sky. I couldn’t feel any air coming into my lungs al though I was breathing, and I could feel my long hair was brushed by a gentle breeze.”

A Gift From The Stars

“The mentality around paranormal experiences in this last decade has evolved as people become more open to divulging their experiences because of social media and the ability to film and post easily from cell phones. Information is instantly accessible now, shared from all over the planet.”

A Gift From The Stars

“We are not alone. There are benevolent aliens tirelessly looking after us, rescuing people, fighting for our protection, working at dismantling the agendas of the dark ones.”

A Gift From The Stars

“When I was nine years old. My granny, my younger sister and I we were looking at the moon through the window in my bedroom when we were surprised by the vision of a UFO floating above the adjacent buildings roofs, coming very close to us. Its shape was discoidal with a slight bump underneath and a dome above, and it was glowing a very bright orange. Unable to explain why, we had this strong feeling it was staring at us. I found it incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing, although I had no clue of what it was.”

A Gift From The Stars

“You just don’t learn to become a shaman; you are born into this existence with all your psychic abilities and it is then up to you to embrace them consciously, in order to be of service.”

A Gift From The Stars

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